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08 Z1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by filefiend, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. I haven't come across much written here so I thought I'd throw some words down, a review of sorts about my experiences with my 2008 z1000.

    Meeting my needs
    I needed something I could comfortably ride my current 50km round trip to work (every day, rain hail or shine) and possibly push that 50km out to say 100km when I move out to the east of Melbourne.

    I broke both my wrists (not motorcycling) a few years back, one healed wrong, had to be re-broken e.t.c. e.t.c. and no longer work that well so something with a supersport style riding postion was out.

    I also wanted something that had half a chance of keeping up with my mate on a zx12 but not require constant effort in keeping the front wheel on the ground.

    I definately have a preference towards the naked style of bike like Buells & Speed Triples plus some semi-faired/naked models like VTR's & SV's. I was actually pretty much set on a VTR and had a good look over a new (2006) one. I decided to not put cash down then and there because I had passed a Kawasaki dealer and seen the z1k in the window.

    Why the z1000
    I had always loved the zeds but figured it was out of my price range. I decided to have a look and sit on it and was pleasantly surprised with a discounted price tag (making way for 2009 two tone models) I paid my deposit then and there.
    When I compared the VTR and the Zed it came down to 2 things:
    The technology - EFI zx9 Donk vs Carby twin, Radial brakes e.t.c.
    The riding position - More upright, easier on the wrists
    An added bonus was that I LOVE Kawasaki Green.

    The Good
    Its so easy to ride. The gearing combined with the engine tune is perfect for traffic, the bars and seating position make it really easy to lane split, I can balance almost at a standstill waiting for lights to turn green. The power delivery is smooth and I haven't experienced any of the reported handlebar vibes infamous to the 03-06 model. Its great in the 4000-8000 rpm range. I have been getting about 250kms per 18 litre tank with peak hour riding, I haven't done any long highway trips over 500kms but expect that to push out to high 200's

    I keep things minimalist & try not to cary any gear to work. If I need a change of clothes or my laptop then I have been throwing on a backpack though obviously as you add the weight you take away your ability to make the bike handle. I'll be looking into a Kreiga for day to day and maybe a bagster if I decide to start doing trips. I also fitted a set of OZYNobs which look really bad but are certainly big enough to do their job in a low-medium speed oops.

    The Bad
    I have big feet. This causes 2 issues.
    My big boots could do with a little more room between the fat rubberised pegs and the gear/brake pedals so I'll be switching to the previous model z1k pegs shortly.

    The sidestand is a little tricky to get at sometimes with the aforementioned large boots as you need to get the tip of your heel between the peg and the left can. While a 4 into 1 full akrapovic system would remedy this I might just settle for a set of smaller arrow or leo vince cans.

    The Ugly
    The rear fender: Regardless of the whole 45degree legality thing was hideous and quickly sorted with an eliminator. I went for one that kept the OEM blinkers and the whole installation ended up being a really good exercise for me as I dropped a nut inside the rear of the bike and ended up removing basically the whole tail section, battery, computer and side panels to find it. Needless to say I know the ins and outs of the rear end quite well now.

    The Cans: They are definately a case of take it or leave it. Aestetically I prefer them to the previous 2x2 under and over look but they are a little quiet quiet & clearly weigh quite a bit. They do get a nice burble note under decceleration. I will be swapping them out as mentioned above though.

    I've clocked up about 2800kms on it so far, 90 percent has been riding to work (though I can vary my route to take in some nice bendy country roads) I have done the black spur, numerous runs over kinglake and all in all couldn't be happier. I followed the run in instructions and despite the kms on the clock now I haven't taken her past about 10,000rpm. With such a great midrange and around town riding I don’t have the need for redlining. Also - I have a wife and 5 children and I ride like it.

    I've seen the pics of the new honda naked, some of its styling cues are clearing zed oriented & I do like the single side swingarm wether they get released in AU or not I would still go for the zed. The FZ-1N didn't have the radial breaks and overall looked too small to me.

    I'd highly reccomend one to anybody chasing a litre bike but wanting to avoid full fairings and happy to ride something less common.



  2. I went down to the bike dealerships on the weekend just to perv at bikes, and chucked my leg over this and the ER6N. They are so beautiful defiantly gave me semi wood just looking at them.
  3. great report, great buy
    all boxes ticked with this bike as far as i'm concerned
  4. Great write up! I love the look of this bike (& the Z750). The only thing I'd replace are the cans. Like u, I haven't red-lined my bike yet, coz there's no need (mates hang it on me though when I tell em this).
  5. I just had a look online at the new model with 2-tone colours and I think you made a good choice. The full uncensored green is wicked :grin:
  6. Mad bikes, I hope to own one, one day.
  7. So what kind of deals can you get on the 08 model? Because they were something like 15,000 when new which put them well and truly out of my range at the time.

    Also, I haven't really been paying attention - are there any meaningful changes on the 09 model apart from that 2-tone paint scheme?