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08 Vstrom 650 ABS [Melb]

Discussion in 'Archived' started by mikkey, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. 08 Vstrom 650 ABS [Melb] - Sold

    Bike has been sold

    Absolute bargain!! You wont find a recent ABS VStrom at this price!

    Only 14 months old with 20 K on the clock of mostly touring rides, Madstad bracket so no buffeting, great sounding Megacycle exhaust, K&N air filter, Pilot tyres, crash bars, heated grips, hand guards, beautiful SS radiator protectors (German product with "VStrom" logo). Great all rounder which I have used like a small zippy tourer.

    In very good nick and runs very nice as i t is tuned to the filter and exhaust changes. Fully dealer serviced, Rego till 09/10, Factory warranty until 09/10!

    $7,990 including road worthy and 10 months of rego!!!! Bargain!

    PM me if you are interested.
  2. hate to be picky mate... but t&c say You must include full details of your bike - model, year, rego, condition, location, price, accessories, etc.

    only pointing it out as my old man is interested in a vstrom :)
  3. Fair point buddy. This situation has come along quite quickly and I just wanted to make interested people aware that I have one available. Just currently looking for reference bikes so I can set a realistic price - actually found this to be more difficult then I assumed.
    Will post some pics tomorrow and a price. Price added in original post.
  4. haha, i have no issue with it, just ive seen the mods change it n stuff before :)

    ill pass the info onto my old man when i see him :)
  5. Added pictures for your perusal..... she is a very nice bike and runs very smooth...
  6. Re: 08 Vstrom 650 ABS - price drop! - bargain![Melb]

    Dropped price for quick sale. You wont find a recent ABS VStrom at this price!
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