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08 Tenere coming to Aust?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by N*A*M, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Do we know if the new XT660Z is going to be imported? I'm digging it.

  2. The old one sure was popular in Oz, and Yamaha don't have anything in that segment really... Give 'em a ring and let us know. I can ask around at the GP.
  3. with luck things will change, but the word for some time now from Yamaha has been its not coming over, the Off road version off the XT was as good as it gets, although with luck the word will chnage, i had a look at the bike sin the UK and they are very tasty...
  4. Hopefully it'll come down under....
  5. the guys at the Yamaha stand at the GP Expo said they are still deciding whether to import it or not.. they were trying to get a feel for public reaction at the show with a little survey thingo on the bike
  6. 183kg and five speed single not a great combo. Granted it has big range with the tank and FI, but IMHO price will be dependant upon sales success.

    The 690 KTM Adv also supposedly close to getting here :cool: but no doubt more $$'s
  7. Big, fat and slow. What are they thinking? :shock: :shock:
  8. Yamaha had it at the Melb. Motorcycle Expo, so perhaps they are planning on selling it here.
  9. Accrding to the press briefing the Tenere is "under evaluation for the Aus market," along with the YZF-R125.
  10. sounds like most of the cagers round here
  11. [​IMG]
    If they are still around when I have paid of my bike I will be looking at one.
    Already the accessories list looks huge... :)
  12. Looks like it has been styled on those robots off Star Wars. Ugliest face I think I've ever seen.
  13. When it comes to Dual purpose bikes, form often follows function and rightly so.
  14. HI All

    I think the bike could sell well in Australia but yamaha might put a 20,000 dollar price tag on it and then say oh it doesn't sell well
    At the right price i'd be interested too but yamaha seems intent on high pricing so why waste the time or emotion

    Regards Mark
  15. So you are saying that Yamaha will spend money to import a motorbike, then get ADR compliance, then ship to the dealers and finally inflate the price purely not to sell said motorbike so that they can say it doesn't sell well?

    $20 grand for a Japanese 660? Which planet do you reside on?
  16. Sounds like Honda practice to me, though I think it's mainly stupidity, rather than the fact that they wants to "prove" it won't sell.

    btw I think people are being a bit harsh with the weight criticism. It's not a race bike but a tour/trail bike. Was that a dry weight? A little on the heavy side, but not ridiculously so.

    Same with the 5 speed. Who want's to be mucking around with a close ratio 6 speed when the going gets tough on a bike loaded up with stuff? Better off to have a wider gap between gears. More doesn't always mean better.
  17. Hi All

    Freddy maybe i overstated it a thousand or so but look at a Tdm 900 i can import one to Australia brand new for (2008 Yamaha TDM900 is new. Yes, we can process 1 motorcycle for your order. Price for bike is $5,600.00 USD and shipping fee is $550.00 USD.) so that makes it
    about 9000 dollars to the dock plus gst etc maybe i should see if they have xt660z and get a price
    So i guess yamaha aren't making a profit at 12999 for a new Tdm 900 so for an upgraded xt i'm sure they will make the price nice and low :grin:

    Have a nice day

    Regards Mark
  18. Agreed. Although looking forward to trying it out for myself, some bikes just "work" and I'm hoping this is one of them.

    What about all the taxes you'll get hit with plus the stamp duty. Then you need to get it compliant....... and don't forget the exchange rate! If it were that easy everyone would be doing it.

    If the Tenere is going to cost $19000 then it will not sell and Yamaha will not bring it in. Realistically they would need to be close to $10000 to make it work.

  19. A couple/few things you are forgetting:
    - Will need to match the market - KTM690 for instance
    - Volume rates on bikes - not one bike, hundreds
    - Shipping, alot of bikes in 1 shipping container
    - taxes and duties are VERY different for a manufacturer whom can assemble part of the bikes here....

    Plus a whole bunch of others that will keep it cheap.

    ALSO, Yamaha needs to fill this space, they have nothing. So, I would be quite confident they will be competative - fingers crossed - I like this bike. :)
  20. I find it difficult to comprehend parts of marko66's post but the way I read it was that he was talking about importing 1 bike (unless he is a dealer and was referring to unit cost? If so, my mistake).

    Regardless, I agree, it will need to be cheap, and around the $10000 would do the job as previously stated.