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08 Ten Kate scheme 600RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TheYak, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Hope not.
  2. Really, you'd prefer fewer choices? I like it.

  3. Looks good, but if that makes it cost more it can go to bollocks.
  4. i've seen one at leongatha motorcycles about a month ago, looked nice
  5. I've been looking into buying a 600RR lately. For the paintscheme alone on an '08 Tenkate model, expect to pay nearly $2000 more than a runout '07 standard model .
    :shock: Otherwise the '08 600RR TenKate will be roughly $500 more than a new '08 600RR.

    Thing is - there's no difference between the 07 and 08 stock 600RR other than the lower fairing being a different colour. Everything else is the same apparently.

    I reckon it looks pretty damn good though :wink:
  6. If theres not much difference between 07 and 08 go with the 07. Spend the money saved on gear or the bike. The CBR600RR 07 is said to be easily the best in the 600 class.
  7. They want us to pay more to ride around with corporate logos...pfft,not in this lifetime. Single seaters always look the sh!t, though...love 'em.
  8. Im quite sure thats the actual Superbike not a production model so at this stage you can't buy the 1000RR in Ten Kate scheme
  9. I'd have one! Kate is my name too so I could claim it was made for me........................... :p
  10. That's what I always think when I see those 'special' race schemes. I would expect a discount for being a moving billboard for them, not to pay extra.

    Truly, there's one born every minute.
  11. Nice one I liked it... I'm pretty sure will comes up in the market end of year.
  12. i think it looks teh sexah
  13. i prefer this replica actually

  14. ok you win!
  15. Nice! :eek: Is that on or coming to the showroom floors?
  16. europe only i think
    woe is us
  17. I thought the 07 & 08 bikes had different fairings?

    i'd get one if it was a limited edition

    sofuoglu owned in supersport this year no one else came close

    i hope he does well in superbike

    if toseland hadn't left for GP they would probably do a 1000cc rep as well

    ps the minolta bike looks way better
  18. The fairings are the same, but the bottom one is a different colour on the 08
  19. are you sure you don't want this one

    [​IMG] :grin: