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08' ninja 250r - Too tall ??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by baru, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Hello netrider,

    Long time listener first time caller :p,
    anyway after contemplating getting a motorbike for so long i have finally decided to take the plunge and get my l's and a motorbike I have ridden bikes for a fair while just dirt bikes on friends property and such,

    But one thing im not too sure about is will my height be an issue ?, i always wanted to get a honda CBR250RR bu the age and condition for the price always turned me off.

    Now the 08' ninja has me hooked, but with very limited supply i have not actually had the chance to sit on one, and with many dealers having most sold before the stock arrives i need to put a deposit on one before i purchase, does anyone think that my height will be an issue on the bike thats basically all im worried about.

    I am ~ 6'5"-6'6" ft tall.

    any help from 'taller' riders would be appreciated :)

  2. If you're that tall, I'd really be looking to sit on one before handing over any hard-earned.

    Saying that, I'm about 6'2" and found my fzr250 to be heaps comfier than a 250 Zeal I had afterwards. My mates used to say I looked like a dog humping a cricket ball on it though :?
  3. Wow that is tall. 6' on a 250 looks silly.. Something upright is good.. I'd suggest you sit on the ninja and compare it with vtr250 - something I found much more comfy for nonmidgets.
  4. You do realize the new 250 ninjas are only a twin? its the same engine as teh GPX and ZZR with slight mods for rev profile. So there is a huge performance gap between them.

    I got a GPX for the sole reason that it fits a tall person like me, chances are your only going to have it 15 months total so spend less on a bike now and more on a bike later.

    My 2c
  5. hmm good points, don't really like the look of the vtr250, FZR250's seem (the imported ones) seem pretty rare (are you talking about the grey imports or local ones?).

    The gpx-250's are not too bad although some being pretty old. I have a little 125cc dirt bike from china, thats not too bad to ride considering the height of them. Guess ill just wait till they get stock so i can sit on one before i go ahead,

    i tried to ride my mates pocket rocket tiny bike one day, but was a tad too small :) lol.

    Would there be much difference in the suitability between the cbr250rr and the ninja 250r (seating position wise) or not?, they both seem pretty similar the cbr's seat might be a tad lower, any thoughts?
  6. You learnt on an FZR250 and upgraded to a ZX6R, too?!?

    *HIGH FIVE!*

    Why buy a new 250 V-twin?
    You will DEFINITELY want to upgrade it...
    I am totally convinced that a cosmetically damaged and street-fightered GS500F is the bestest and grandest bike to be had for cheaps. I hope Zbike is selling more when a couple of my friends get their licenses this year.

    ... Honda VTR250 is also a good bike.
  7. The GPX is a great bike if you fit on it. Dirt bikes are also very tall so you might find you're most comfy on a road trailie. I'm nearly 6ft and the VTR is my favourite 250 by a country mile.

    Get something secondhand and a bit battered to learn on dude. Upgrade to the bike of your dreams once you've chucked a less worthy steed down the road enough times to know how not to do it again.
  8. At 6.4 I couldn't fit comfortably on any naked or sports bike. Tried tens of them. Legs are too long. Cramped position.
    Only cruisers for me.
  9. Hey mate,

    I'm 6"3 and I reckon one more inch and I'd be too tall for the 08 250 Ninja. In particular I can't wrap my legs under the tank unless my toes are on the pegs (i.e. if my heels are on the pegs my legs wont wrap under the tank as I think it's designed).

    Saying that you still could probably ride it. I was looking at the GPX and the ZZR because of my height, and I took a bit of a stab in the dark putting the deposit down on the Ninja (it paid off though) :)

    See if you can sit on a GPX, they're still selling those in some kwaka dealerships.
  10. Just measured, 193cm so just under 6"4' >_>,

    going to see if i can go sit on some local cbr's / rr's and see how they go as they seem to be a more common bike for sale where i live.

    Thanks for the responses.
  11. Just don't get suckered into a Hyosung...
  12. XT600 motard!!

    (OK, I know the sportsbikes are what's lighting your fire, but I'm not sure you're going to find one that's close to fitting)
  13. I don't know how you'll go on a CBR250RR - I'm 6'4 with a 34" inseam-to-ground, and it just didn't work at all. Give it a shot anyway - might be good for a laugh. ;)

    I think the Ninja250R is worth a try - the GPX and ZZR weren't that bad to sit on. I testrode a GPX for a mate and it wasn't that bad.

    Visit the shops and sit on everything you can. For me, personally, the Hyosung GT250R and Honda Hornet 250 (import) were the most comfortable. Ended up going with a VTR250.
  14. I am square on 6" and I don't like the feel of the CBR250, Seriously at 6"4' fitting on one will be extremely cramped. I am not going to say don’t do it, but I will be surprised if it works for you.

    As for the guys who have made statements against getting a twin, at 6â€4’ I can’t imagine you are any featherweight, so the low down torque of a twin I would think would be better to learn on than any high revving I4
  15. All FZR250R's are grey imported.
  16. Well iam 187cm and this is me on mine........


    I kinda dwarf it a bit....... hehe!
  17. ^ those pictures you took is what got me thinking,. Doesn't seem too bad,

    do you notice that you sit futher back on the seat, like you push yourself back thus putting more pressure on your wrists ??, thats the only thing i noticed on my old bike (china 125cc) granted it was designed for like 10y.o's but still not sure if the same would occur on a 250cc roadbike.

    and judging from your pic you seem pretty normal / relaxed on the bike, doesn't seem out of proportion but then again i have not seen many bikes with the riders height listed lol.

    and in regards to my size I am pretty skinny, ~ 70kg.
  18. Ideally, in the Zen of Biking, one should support one's upper body using the stomach muscles and leg/hip muscles, rather than supporting their weight with their hands. :)
  19. If I look uneasy on it its probably cause that was when I first got it! heeh Like the 1st weekend!
    I probably loook more relaxed now..... heeh!

    I tend to sit up on teh tank a bit mroe now... but its pretty comfy man!!

    You will be sweet at 70kg! heheh
    Iam 100..... so in theory..... you shouldnt loose power! hehe but you have the hight! ahah sweet deal!!

    Get one man! Do it!
    Get a red one if you are really worried about it! hehe as black will probably absorb all colours and look smaller....... you know?
    Same idea as black is more slimming?!?! hahah if that makes sense?
  20. yeh i get you.

    Whats the power like ??,

    I'm scouting around to see if anyone has stock so i can sit on one, but no luck so far, checking the local dealers for more 250's tomorrow so i can sit on a few. Hopefully the road bikes are not too bad, had my heart set on one, don't really like the other 250s :(