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08 Ninja 250R - 2nd slipping into neutral

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ryan_a, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Hi people :)

    My bike only recently started doing this: I'll change up from 1st into 2nd, and a few second later (regardless if I'm accelerating slowly or hard, or engine braking), it will slip out of 2nd and into neutral, (and the N light lights up).

    Sometimes when this happens, I can't shift back up into 2nd without first shifting down into N.

    It's only just started happening, like in the last week. I had the first 1000km service done almost 2 weeks ago.

    It happens when the bike is both hot and cold... And it's a bit disconcerting (as you can imagine). Especially when it happened going around a corner... I figure it could cause an accident if I'm not careful.

    Is this a common thing? Could it be my shifting? Any help appreciated. :)
  2. Hows it going mate, just from my limited knowledge, it could be the way your shifting, but doesnt sound like it. Have you checked the oil in the bike, my bike was doing that recently (250 bandit), and i did an oil change, and it fixed it all up. Made a huge difference. They may have not put enough oil in the something.

    Have a look, and see how much oil is in there roughly. If it isnt as much as it should be, change the oil, not the filter, and your problems will hopefully go away.

    P.s try kicking up gears just that bit harder, and see if it makes a difference.

    Good luck

  3. So its an 08 Ninja eh? And on the advice of forum people you're planning on tinkering eh?

    First stop hospital to get a brain scan. Second stop the shop that you bought it from. You paid for their advice. You paid for these things to be fixed.
  4. So you're suggesting that there is a problem with the bike? Thanks for the advice, buddy!

    EDIT: took out smartarse response to brainscan jive.
  5. Yup, take it back to the dealer.
  6. I'll call and bug the dealer today, I suspect they'll just tell me it could be my shifting, and some googling indicates it could be:


    I'll pay more attention to shifting into 2nd for a few days and see how it goes. I can't replicate it consistently, so I can't really say how/when it happens.

    I'll post back with what ends up happening.
  7. If you actually missed the gear, eg. went for 2nd but got neutral - thats just a shifting mistake. But if you shift into second successfully and it drops back to first a few seconds later - that indicates a problem imo.

  8. No, I'm suggesting no one here can give you a "real" answer and you should seek the expert advice that you've paid for...
    If you had asked "Can one of you guys come try my bike and see if its me" I would think that's fine. But you didn't, and if you do get a "real" answer to your question I want next week's lotto numbers from them.
    You're smart enough to ask the dealers opinion and get them to take it for a run to see what they think. You only need to ask advice here if it doesn't stop happening after they've had a look at it.
  9. +1. I think it has a neutral finder and that might be playing up.
  10. You can't get neutral over like 20km/h anyway(Positive neutral finder, its a bit finiky sometimes but generally works)
    My '06 did it for a while on old oil, If I didn't pull up and sort of hold on the lever it would slip out sometimes. An oil change and 2k Km's later hasn't happened once.
    I doubt its oil with you however, Maybe just method? Make sure you pull the lever right up, you may change gear but not kick the shifter into its detent, so when you release the pressure it falls backwards into neutral.

    Makes sense to me, but sometimes things which are incorrect do as well, so if someone else can shed some more light on it... Over to you.
  11. It might be common but it shouldn't happen.

    It is very unlikely to be the bike - it is more likely to be your technique.

    Shifting from 1st to 2nd is a little different because the shifting mecahnism actually has to go past the neutral position. There is thus a little more resistance to the shift and I guess you are just not holding onto/lifting up that lever for long enough before letting it go.

    Just practise holding it in as you let out the clutch. That will not harm the gearbox at all, and once you see that it doesn't jump out any more, you can refine your technique.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS Because it is a new bike the shifting can also be stiffer now than later. It should loosen up, but if you let it jump out too much because you don't quite get it in there fully before letting out the clutch, that can harm the dogs which engage the gear, and ultimately lead to it jumping out chronically