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08 ninja 250, more power?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by finski, May 1, 2008.

  1. hey just wondering what are some ways i could improve the performance of my new ninja? Any help would be appreciated

  2. With or without voiding the bikes warranty?
  3. Best performance mod I've found is buying a bigger bike, and its the only thing that produces decent hp per $.

    You could spend $500-1000 on an exhaust, $100-150 on a new air filter, $250-400 on dyno and custom map.

    But thats at least a grand for 2-3 more hp (if lucky) so I'd seriously not be bothered! Stick a cheap exhaust on just for a nice burble then save the rest for courses to learn to ride it properly, petrol, servicing and repairing fairing damage :wink:
  4. yeh not too worried about the warrenty
  5. Cheapest mod.. drop down a tooth on the front sprocket, more accel but maybe lose 3-5kmh top end speed.
  6. +1!

    We've all been there OR eventually will get there! :p [/quote]
  7. Can also lose fuel economy and comfort at cruising speed depending on how it shifts the rpm at 100-110kph in top.

    Best performance gains with a 250 are made by fitting the right tyres (and learning how to ride it).
  8. +1 jd!
  9. And +2. :)

    And eating fewer pizzas. :grin:
  10. Live with for a while! then get a bigger bike!

    All you will end up doing is making it louder, drinking more fuel, making it unreliable, possibly turn it into a grenade, all for the sake of a few kph!!
  11. Agree with all the previous posts.

    Performance mods on a 250 will bear little fruit for $ spent. Generally speaking, the larger the engine the more to be gained performance wise by adding aftermaker exhausts etc.

    Your money would be much better spent as phizog said, do some courses to improve your riding to make YOU better and get the most from your bike that way.

    Other than that, seeing as your not worried with voiding the warranty, get a secondhand 'Busa engine and see if you can muscle it in using a hacksaw, pinchbar and sledge hammer. If you can manage it the performance gains would be phenominal. :grin:
  12. Sprocket changes are the cheapest way to get more speed out of a bike. Although I really wouldn't bother doing much more than an exhaust and maybe sprockets on a 250. Anything else and your just wasting money. Save it for your next bike. You'll never go fast on a 250cc four stroke.

    +1 on JD's comment. Learn to ride it. Don't worry about petty HP gains and straight line speed.
  13. Hmm... That's like dividing by 0.
  14. Define fast? :p I count 180 as 'brisk', at least for me. My new bike only sees a little over 220 :grin:
  15. gpx250r 07 sprockets

    hey. as you guys are on the topic of the gpx, does anyone know the best combination of sprockets for one of these when doing freeway riding ?. revs vs speed vs ridability etc. :?:

    might swap em for the southern ride for a test.

  16. how about focusing on learning some roadcraft skills and experience first and not listening to people that only rave on about power and speed

    do an advanced riders course ride the bike and learn to enjoy motorcycling for what it really is and when you are ready buy a bigger bike as 4 stroke 250 twins are not going to set the world on fire with horsepower and you would be throwing away good money in the pursuit of such

    contrary to popular belief motorcycling is not all about speed and power but rather an expression of freedom and individuality

    you will meet a lot of great people in motorcycling and you will meet some @ssh@les as well

    you will also meet a lot of people that think it is all about speed and power and as time passes you will discover that these people may have to use public transport against their will
    or you may have to go to their FUNERAL (been their done that)

    not dogging on you just some people can't seem to see the bigger picture and only focus on the smaller things

    i have been riding for 24 years and i used to think it was about speed and it cost me dearly and i lost a few dear friends

    enjoy your bike it will lead to bigger and better things and remember motorcycling does not have to be a passing thing it can be a lifestyle choice

    i am also no angel when it comes to riding but discretion pays great dividends

    my 05 blackbird showed 153 rwhp on the last dyno run when the map was done for the pipe and air filter

    the figure means nothing
    don't use it bugger all but it sure is nice and smooth to drive now and not snatchy on and off the throttle any more

    and it easily gets 360 to 380 k's to a tank now i can sneak 400k's touring
  17. right there with that one. one of the worst stacks i have had was at about 10kms and hour and got to stare at the ceiling of a hospital for some time. you can beat your ass a whole lot worse than that on the road without even trying. 250's do what 250's do and that is why they exist and thus why i personally have one. ride the thing right and enjoy it is the way to go.(people you ride past think you are cool anyway) doubt you could ride it flat out all day (no offence but you cant do that in most parts of the world even if you wanted to). go do an advanced course and lap a track a few times flat out and see how it treats you. oran park is a good place for this. one thing you need to remember is that more power = more maintenance, more fuel, more tyres, more tickets and more people who think you ride like a goose if all you want to do is nail the thing.l am a firm believer that if you have more power you dont have to push it during regular riding which can be a good thing but temptation is a biatch.. just ask my deceased 340 hpatw 700kg gti swift. not in any way having a shot at you but anything can go fast just do it for the right reasons.
  18. how long have you been riding mate? if you have been on chook chasers all your life then fair enough, but if you have only been riding for a few months then i would dare say you need to learn how to use your bikes power before you worry about more of it.

    its not how much power your bike has, its how you use it. i know of riders who routinely ride faster on their 250s than people on the latest 1 litre crotch rockets.
  19. Well, actually motorcycling is all about whatever it means to that individual. For some it's the expression of (insert wanky terms here). For others its about going fast and being fulli sik. For others it's because they enjoy it.

    There's no 'best' sprocket combo for highway riding OldBellHelmet. It's a bit of a compromise between pickup and top end. Personally I wouldn't go changing from the stock teeth to gain top end on a 250.