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'08 hyosung sports 650 engine trouble

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mick526, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. First major problem I've run into with this bike an I've got no idea what to check or what problem could consist of, as mentioned above its an '08 gt650r sports hyosung with 12000 on the clock roughly, was riding in light traffic mid day and taking off from a set of lights, started to get power surges, then after another minute or so the revs completely dropped when in gear, kept trying to stall with a normal take off trying to get it home, still idled fine in neutral, but any form of gear engaging dropped revs completely below normal.

    Any thoughts as to the cause and or solution to this problem is greatly appreciated as I am strapped for cash and can't afford to be ripped off as I don't know any good bike mechanics yet.

    Much appreciated again.
  2. does the engine accelerate well in neutral?
    is the side stand switch faulty?
    had a load of dirty fuel?
    when was it last serviced?
  3. I'm not going to comment I'm not going to comment I'm not going to comment I'm not going to comment I'm not going to comment I'm not going to comment
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  4. ^ My thoughts exactly......
  5. Put petrol in tank
    That shud help
  6. Maybe also try:

    - Check sparkplugs
    - Check that all earth(s) are solid
    - Check voltage across battery while running (and stopped) - Reg/Rec. (Might as well check the voltage from the engine case to battery positive too).
    - Check fuel filter
    - Check coil(s)

    That should cover off the basics if it's non EFI. If it's EFI the above are still worth checking, but there's probably a bunch more sensors and things that could go wrong too. :/
  7. I was filling up my tank at a servo recently, and saw hyo rider of the same bike as yours. Naturally I asked him what issues he's had etc. Surprisingly your story seems to be close to what he described. Essentially after running a while the bike would stall. Apparently the problem was with a faulty EFI system. Consider checking that if your bike is EFI. Being a 2008 maybe? Otherwise google is your friend.
  8. Yup ](*,)

    (Although to be fair I ride an Italian 125 which is as reliable as a politician, and a 30 year old Japanese bike largely made from unobtanium. So apparently I can't read the signs either.)
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  9. 08 should not be efi
  10. I`d say its due for a set of plugs
  11. He's not responded to any sugggestions, Hyo rider realisation ?? Everyone said Dont buy one, so why on earth listen to advice now ??
  12. He is walking back for petrol
  13. Put petrol over tank, light match, claim insurance.
    Should help even more.