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08 Honda Fireblade 1000rr Australian Release?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by VoodooRob, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. I can not find any information on the release of the new 08 Fireblade. Two dealers have said May, sometime. I am starting to think they meant to be "May be sometime"?

    Does anyone have any more concise dates?
  2. Damn, initially thought that was a thread i had not read, so i reread it just to be sure.

    Back to the question.

    Is there any word on the release date of the 08 Honda CHR 1000rr Fireblade?

    Never contribute to disrailed bloated threads.
  3. Honda Australia are racing one at the ASC (Superbikes) and the rule says they have to be commercially available.
    So someone somewhere must have one for sale.
  4. Yes they are, but not yet distributed to Aus. :wink:
  5. Actually it says this, F ii)At least 20 production machines
    of that make and model must have been imported into
    Australia by the manufacturer or the Australian distributor
    representing that manufacturer,

    So there must be 20 of them here, but maybe they're not selling them.
  6. They'll be in the Honda warehouse, waiting until all the 2007 models are sold, which Honda can't get rid of because they're butt-ugly and not as good as the competition :LOL:
  7. IMO the 07 models look 10X better than the 08's.

    My local dealer has a red and black 1000rr for 16k ride away. Then next to it a 08 Ten Kate 600rr for 18,400. :LOL: :LOL:

    Why can't I have my fulls now..... :(