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08 Hayabusa!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Browncoat, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. A few weeks back I traded my old YZF1000R Thunderace in on this newer BEAST! Now there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old Thunderace I was just looking for a little more punch, boy did I find it! :)
    Full Stainless Yoshi system with Shorty MotoGP tailpipe.. nice noise.

    Very happy with the transition, even though I know I was robbed on the trade in price of the Thunderace... You never win at dealerships.


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  2. Faaaark

    .....that is all.....
  3. You will be surprised just how much punch it has,
  4. At least you got the right colour scheme!
  5. Very nice, I bet you are very happy with the big bird.
    I would love to hear how that pipe sounds.
  6. Yeah, i'm very happy with the Busa. It was the exhaust note that I couldnt resist when I made the purchase.

    The only concern/gripe I have is that I get only 250kms from a tank. I think I have an issue with the fuel pick-up inside tank as its supposed to hold 23 litres I think, but at about 245kms the fuel light comes on and I run out about 5 mins later and it only takes 16 or 17 litres to fill it back up fully..

    I read somewhere the other day that "Hayabusa" means Peregrine Falcon which is the fastest bird in the world and it also hunts and kills Blackbirds.:cheeky:
  7. Yes it was a very nice marketing move naming it that wasn't it?
  8. I think that's far too powerful a bike for you; I think you should give it to me :LOL:.
  9. So sleek, it almost looks organic
  10. 21 litres it holds. It should be a Blackbird Killer, Its got a bigger motor,

    Do you have a reserve switch on yours, Sounds like your not getting the reserve fuel through,
  11. You sick mofo. Im gonna throw a leg over one of those one day.
  12. No reserve switch that I know of.

    I dont get very long once the fuel light comes on tho.. not long at all.
  13. Ask the Busa crowd , they will know,

    Its sounds like your reserve pickup is not working, Might be blocked.

    17 to 18 litres in a 21 litre tank, Reserve is usually about 3 to 4 litres,
    I get 75 kays on Reserve, From the flashing light, I havent tried it fully yet, To empty,
  14. Nice bike. I still want one of these (cept in white)!
  15. I'm thinking I might like to take her down to WSID and run her across an official quarter mile drag strip. Reckon that'd be some fun. Anyone here done that before? Whats the whole setup like?
  16. Nice ride mate. Had a sit on one when looking for my next bike. Noooooo way. It felt too punchy, without starting it up!
    Looks the goods.
  17. I see one parked near where I park mine thru the day, long looking bike, are they comfy? I know at rocket speed you dont feel the bumps [beat you to it deadman lol]
    heavy bike? I'd be guessin not too good for commuting alothough have ready people that have a blast on them
  18. Mate very jealous.

    I always wanted a 'Busa.

  19. I see a Busa daily on the Commute......although he is a Wizard on that 'thang.....
  20. They are surprisingly good at commuting, most of the weight is carried fairly low, they are not too wide, and have plenty of torque for quick engine response.