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08' GS500 need brake+clutch lever...

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Widget, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Hi all, :cry:

    Sooo I dropped my bike :( & managed to brake both clutch & brake levers :(. Wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a place that might sell (maybe OEM ?) levers ? :unsure:

    Google seems to be mostly ebay hits, but the levers seem a bit pricy.. thought I read somewhere they can be had around $10 ea :\ ...

  2. Where are ya located?
    Check to see if there's a motorbike wreckers near ya.
  3. Hey Madazz :), located in West Sydney. Didn't think to check wreckers, will do that today. :)

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  4. Try these guys:

    Cash & Co Motorcycle Wreckers
    1/23 Kurrajong Rd, North St Marys NSW
    (02) 9623 3699
  5. When I had a GS500 a couple of years ago I got a brake lever from Weston's, Mulgoa rd at Penrith for a lot cheaper than Ebay ($10-$15)
  6. western motorcycles ? Might call around tomorrow and see what I get :)

  7. How did you manage to break BOTH? Sounds like bad luck
  8. yup :( . Brake tip broke when hit the ground (brake still works). Clutch lever broke when I fell off (I was still holding on & pulled it up)...



    I need to get a new lever bolt too.. had to cut it out as it appears thread was stripped (possibly from other replacement). Anyone know whether these bolts/screws are unique to the model/manufacturer.. or can I get them anywhere ?