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08 Fireblade info on Honda Aus. website

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pro-pilot, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Well it looks like its going to be shortly here!


    What is interesting is the colours that will be available

    [​IMG] Good old traditional style
    [​IMG] Not to sure about the yellow!

    I have test ridden the blade in the UK and can atest for its great road handling manners! Kills the new zx10r.
  2. I like yellow and I like white. And I like the hell out of this bike - at least until I get to ride one.
  3. noticed that last night, looks good & I have a crazy old man i'm trying to convince NOT to buy one right now lol.

    I don't mind the yellow, different is good.

    would love it see it in matt or satin black though.
  4. What a shame they left out that nice dark candy red/purple colour.
  5. I'm liking it a little more every time i see it. Its a pity that there's only 2 colours available. I reckon Loz could be on the money with white. And a mix of gloss and matte black (like the r1) could look good as well.
  6. so they may actually be here for some of 2008?
    still look like shite though..
  7. Just had word from a mate who works at Honda. They'll be at his store next Tuesday!
  8. pfft!
    coming from squid-bike central :p
  9. i think your confused,all the squids ride fireblades. :p
    so so ugly! :LOL:
  10. Too bad they take the ugly stick off the new ZXR10. Will have to see one in the flesh thou before I can be sure of that.
  11. Rode one as well in the UK, they handle like crap compared to the blade.
    Blade wins hands down.
  12. No they wont..
    I spoke with the Victorian Rep today.. they are in Australia but are still waiting to move more of the '07's before releasing the '08's.. they have a shitload of silver 'blades to move..

    so, unless he is importing them himself.. he's bullshittin' you mate
  13. yep.. also mentioned to the Honda rep how we could not believe they are not bringing in the dark red model.. his reply that we were the first who said they liked it.. yeah.. BULLSHIT.. it's the hottest colour by far.. but I reckon the yellow will sell well too just because it is different..
  14. Dougz, warnabrother works at a Honda dealership, FYI.
  15. Yes, sure, they handle like 'crap'. The 08 ZX10R is one of the best handling bikes ever, there were two at EC last Sunday in the hands of professional riders who were amamzed at their handling ..... but in your opinion they handle like 'crap'. :roll:
  16. I really really REALLY hate to do this, but I have to back up PP here :shock:

    ST - I think the operative words in his quote are compared to the blade. He's not saying the ZX handles like crap, as such.
  17. I didn't miss the word 'compared'.
    That blade better be something out of this world, if when compared to it the ZX10R is 'crap'. That's some statement. It's not exactly like saying one is marginally better than the other, is it? Crap means crap.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.