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08 Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by cb rookie, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. I was let off the leash this afternoon, and decided to finally test a Daytona. The folks at the dealership had two second hand models, an 09 with 19000km, and an 08 with 2100km – both for the same price.
    I took them both out for a fang, and the 08 seemed to have an issue with steering which turned out to be an underinflated front tire. After fixing it up, both displayed their beautiful performance. I found that coming from a CB400, the Daytona was much more confidence inspiring and “flickable” than the street triple. I found the clip-ons weren’t too wide, while the street triple’s handle bars were too far apart for my liking. I can’t quite put my finger on the main points, but it just felt better on the Daytona, and that’s all that really mattered. So for good measure, I took a new striple out too, and on the way back from one of the rides, the dealer pulled over and we swapped bikes. On the way home, after having made up my mind that I’d prefer the Daytona, thinking about how happy we’ll be together, I was rear-ended while waiting to turn from a slip lane. (the dreaming about the bike makes it sound like I wasn’t attentive, but I was). As it turns out, the dealer took off on the Daytona, and while I was waiting for a break in traffic, I received a love tap from the car behind me, who’d assumed I’d gone with the dealer. I turned the bike off to have a look before proceeding, and found a horribly crumpled fender and number plate, with some white on the tyre. The bloke was quite apologetic, and said there was a road up further. All that was going through my mind was how ****ing bad it would be having to pay the $3000 excess on dealership insurance. Luckily, the dealer was waiting around the bend, and waited for me as I started tooting the horn and trying to signal to him not to pull out and continue back to the shop. We organised for the bloke to come to the shop, where they would sort out the damage, and I was told I would be spared of any expenses (massive sigh of relief). So the take home points for me about the Daytona were:
    - More comfortable
    - Radically different to my current bike (style, etc).
    - It had a shit tonne of after market bling from triumph – think Pazzos, carbon fibre everything, TOR exhaust…
    - I didn’t get hit by a car on it.
    Very pleased with this one! Pick it up Tuesday.

    Here are some pics:

  2. Look forward to pics!
  3. Wow! That's some bad luck. But on the good side, new bike Tuesday ;).. Hope all goes well buddy.
  4. Thanks fellas. Pics will come with delivery! Unfortunately I only got a pic of the other daytona I tried and the street triple which got bum ****ed.

    That tap didnt scare anywhere near as much as the one last year which wrote off my CB400 and saw me hitching a lift on a car bonnet.
  5. Hey mate would be interested to here a month in update. I've had mine for 4 months now but am thinking of trading on a Street. Rode one the other day and agreed, the Daytona is far sharper but on long rides the thing is a torture rack haha.
  6. Nice Bike mate. enjoy.
  7. Seconded. Considering the Daytona 675 and a couple other bikes for my upgrade.

    Bike is heaps sick btw. :) Where'd you get it from? And I have to ask, what's fuel efficiency like? (no no, I'm not looking for the most fuel efficient bike, f*ckers. I'm -just curious- as to how my bike shapes up next to this, being a 125 2-stroke vs a 675 4-stroke. ie. how wildly fuel inefficient mine is)
  8. 2 strokes are ridiculously inefficient for fuel XD depends also on weight of the rider.

    Anyway do you commute on the bike op? if so let me know how the bike has been so far? reason I was turned away from the daytona was the agressive position, which wasn't made for commuting in mind.
  9. Nice one - these are the only bikes that would convert me from owning a R1
  10. Nice Ride welcome to the 675 club. There an awsome bike.
  11. Same here, but It's probably because they look almost as good as the R1 ;)

    And the Tripple does sound fantastic...!
  12. Well done sir, i've been riding these bikes since 06 and find them better than any litre sports both on and off the track. Great colour choice too btw. Get yourself on Triumph675.net for all the jnfo and tips you will ever need.
    Like i said i've been modding this bike for years now and have made all the mistakes with crap aftermarket gear, if you need any direction in re to great starter mods, drop me a line. cheers and enjoy the best super-sport bike ever built.
  13. Hi all, been off the forum of late. thanks for the congrats and all, it's amazing!

    To all those who thought about commuting/not sure what to upgrade to, I had the same drama, I'd sit at work nearly all day looking for bike reviews in the way of daytona vs triple.
    Here's how it went for me though, and hopefully the same for you all ;)

    it was a friday arvo, and I was heading home on my CB400 in heavy traffic, and saw some bloke plodding along on a 675R. I was jealous with envy, looking at it's sexiness, the sound (still stock exhaust), and pretty much all the other goodness one can observe of a D675 without ever having ridden one. I was determined to test ride the street triple the next day at the dealership, as I'd already booked ahead. When I got there, my point of contact was busy with other people, so I got looking at 2 second hand D675s (At this stage, I was set on going brand new, as I've done the whole second-hand-lemon thing before).

    So they eventually came over, and I requested to go on a daytona (they had 2, think I mentioned that). So one was a 2009 with 19000km, and there was this one, a 2008 with roughly 2,200 kms (and a shit tonne of bling, as I mentioned in the initial post). So the dealer took one out, and I rode the other. At this stage, I was falling in love, though determined not to make a decision today. So then we took the one I bought and a demo striple out, and yada yada. As I write, I think I already mentioned all this. Anyway!

    The triple felt too similar to the CB400 to me. While the triple is no doubt leaps and bounds ahead, I was wanting something that felt totally awesome/different considering the money that would be changing hands. In short, I didn't want something that was effectively a more powerful, sexier sounding CB400 for such a huge amount of cash.

    I found on the daytona that the ride was different, rather than uncomfortable. On my GFs ninja 636, I felt uncomfy as anything, but the D675 was almost so aggressive it was pleasant. I dunno. It's ridiculous to read. But I recommend riding an inline 4 before riding one of these, and you'll know what I mean.

    I commute on the D675 everyday, and have no dramas. In fact, I love it more, because I see people gawking at it every time I go out. I've seen blokes on ducati look in awe (which gives you an inflated sense of self worth/bike choice!) - Some bloke walked into a door while I was on lunch, he was too busy oggling my bike. He felt silly, but continued to stare even after he'd negotiated that obstacle.

    My only complaint about it (and any 600atm) is that it's too much bike for me, in that I need to hit the hills more to get my skillz up. The speed limit is achieved faster on these things, which I thought would irritate me, but I've grown used to it, and prefer it!

    Azzab - So yes, after a month, and nearly 2,500-3000kms on it, It's definitely better than the street triple, at least for me. I also do a 100km commute each way at least once, if not twice a week. And the only annoyance with that is the cold, but the striple wuld be worse. I just hate the way your muscles tighten up with the windchill :( (EDIT - on the highway at night time is the cold complaint) - But this is not a problem from the D675, happened on my CB400 too. But I wouldn't be getting rid of my D675. In fact, of all the bikes I've ridden, I'm quite happy with this. While I used to look day in day out at what bike to buy next while I've had other bikes, I find I've got heaps of time now cos I don't need to look :p I'm concerned you want to give up yours though! what sort of riding/trips do you do?

    Tildette - I can't say the fuel efficiency is all that much different to the CB400. I do some highway, and some commuting, all with hoon style, and I can't say my pocket is always empty because of it. I'd recommend a test ride. It's simply an amazing machine. The torque down low means you can use that power without revving it up (Azzab would know this :D) Plus with the TOR (triumph off road) exhaust, it sounds like a motogp bike. Take it into the new tunnel (airport link) and it's awesome. I like to drop 20 below the speed limit, and wind up to 80 in 2nd.

    Another thing I noticed is that my tires (pirelli super corsa) are still holding up well. I was under the impression that they only last about 5,000kms, but I reckon I can get at least 7k out of them.

    Matso, thanks for the heads up mate, I'll certainly hit you up if I'm thinking of mods now. It's pretty much tricked out anyways, but I'm sure I'll find something soon enough!;)

    Tak and something_wild - If I wasn't happy with the D675, I probably would've gone with an R1, in my mind, these two bikes are the pinnacle of motorcycling beauty (and they're fast)
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  14. i realy dont understand why people say there uncomfortable ive got a 2010 and havent any problems
  15. I also have no dramas. I find it super comfy, and I like how narrow the seat is at the front. So if you feel like a diff position, slide forward. Just gotta watch the unexpected bumps, makes my balls cry :(
  16. Yeah I rode the Street the other day, it definitely didn't "grab" me like the Daytona did first ride but maybe its just the angel on my shoulder telling me to be sensible. Funny too cause my first LAMS bike was a CB400 (I friggin loved that thing) but I crashed it after 4 months so its been too long to compare.

    Agreed, sat on the 636 and it was big and bulky, no good at all. In fact I rode all the 600's and (no offense) thought they were all shit compared to the Daytona, no torque and no character. Perfect for the track all of them but on the road the torque from the triple rocks!

    My riding is mostly just weekend scratching, but to get to the real good roads its an hour each way on the highway. I just hate being stuck in the crouch position for that long. Short arms, long legs and a tight lower back don't help. If I can be truly honest I just felt like I used to be faster on my CB400. But after my ride on Sunday and practicing some new skills I am definitely faster on the Daytona. I have been reading a few reviews on triumph675.net b y guys who have flipped their clip ons, I am going to do this first before I make any rash decisions.

    Agreed number 2, the crossplane R1 is definitely tempting, probably the third best sounding bike on the road (Daytona 1st, RSV4 2nd haha)
  17. Different body shapes and riding styles would be a factor. I have a mate with longer arms who rides his everyday to work and he is fine. I can even see his body in a different position when we ride together. Mine only comes out on Thursday nights and Sunday.
  18. your lucky you have long arms. The daytona has a rep for being lower on the bars then other 600+ supersports. If it was not for my 1 pack resting on the tummy I could almost complain about the same thing.
  19. so you 2 are sayin im a knuckle dragger are you?
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  20. I'll let you know after u take those photos:angel: