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'08 cbr600rr...not a morning bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mustlovebikes, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Am I expecting too much? I hadn't ridden my '08 cbr600rr for almost 2 weeks. It is kept in a carport and it did rain a fair bit in the last few weeks. Went to start it at lunchtime yesterday and it wouldnt turn over.

    If it had have been my old cbr250rr I would have pulled the manual choke out, thats the kind of sound it was making.

    Managed to get it started by feeding some fuel threw the lines with the throttle.

    The bike has 4500ks. Should I be concerned? Would expect that from an old bike but not this one.
  2. Welcome to Honda ownership, where the best thing you can find to complain about is that you have to tweak the throttle a bit to start the bike.
  3. So I take it you think I'm asking too much Loz?
  4. What do you mean by feeding some fuel through with the throttle?
  5. Mate a bike that new shouldn't have that problem.

    Best take it to your local friendly Honda dealership :wink:
  6. You say it wouldn't turn over? Yet it started by 'feeding some fuel through the lines'?

    If you mean it wouldn't start until you twisted the throttle, after two weeks I'd not be worried. It's damp, it hasn't been run for 2 weeks, it often takes a little while for fresh fuel to get everywhere.

    Loz is correct.
  7. :oops: Sorry, missed the bit where it had been sitting around for a couple of weeks
  8. i'd still take it to honda for a checkup, this is very typical signs on the main fuse on the johnson rod failing. it's an easy repair.
  9. i had the same problem with mine. there is a manufacture error where the johnson rod has insufficent lubrication and friction and moisture cause some wires to deteriate and short and blow the main fuse. honda cover it under warranty