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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FALCON-LORD, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. At the 07 Bikeshow I looked at it there on it’s pedestal and said
    Hey Now that looks like it could be a goerâ€
    But you couldn’t really appreciate it up there strapped down at some weird angle…
    On Saturday I saw one sitting waiting patiently for it’s owner at a shopping centre.
    And what can you say???
    OMFGIFGIRRRRWO (Translation Oh My F#$king God, It’s F#$king Gorgeous I Really, Really, Really, Really Want One)
    I mean the nose still looks like it has been run into a wall or something, but who cares, that is the bit other people look at… From the seating position, it is so small and compact and aggressive looking. I have never been a litre bike fan, because they are just too physically big, but this thing is Fan F#$king Tastic.
    If I had one complaint it would be that it is very wide in the body, (Which is inevitable for leveraging a 1000cc inline 4 into the frame). But when they bite the bullet and put a V4 (Yeah I’m dreaming) into one of those frames perfection will be found.

  2. I agree! :grin:
  3. sounds like somone wants to upgrade.
  4. Great write-up on the new blade in the current issue of RoadRider.
    Looks and sounds GREAT !
  5. I got to have a ride on my mates one on Saturday, It felt smaller than the zed. I never really gave it a decent spanking (I was pretty nervous - first time on a litre bike - first time on a sports bike - and I got the don't hurt my bike talk and well to be honest I’m not at the skill level to give any bike a real spanking) so I can't really talk about performance. I can say it was lovely to ride and the brakes are fkn awesome (I'll be looking into some upgrades to the zed very soon).
  6. i must say that the first time i saw it, i thought, why did the honda design department become crack addicts?

    i must say though, there is a certain quality it has in real life, when you are standing right next to it. the finish is second to none. it looks like its ready to rip your balls off if you even attempt to sit on it. and it also looks like it has been battered into this shape with a shovel.

    looks like a cracker of a bike though. id love to go and test ride one when im off my P's and on a 600.

    its funny to note that theyre also selling like hot cakes. i dont think they hang around in the warehouses / dealerships very long. it seems like every time one goes in, its out on the road before you can say boo.

    honda mustve been onto something when they made it and good on em.
  7. I suggest you spend some time on a 78 (silver bullet) XT 500 first. Your Motorcycular balls are still too small.
    But hey, they are nice. I'm getting me one ;)
  8. I agree, they look much better in person, the nose doesn't look as blunt as it does in the photos. Honda should throw in a fender eliminator when you buy the bike, they can't really expect you to keep that fugly structure on the back.
  9. The stock fender is not too hard to modify - Kranzy just did his.
  10. Function over form, buddy.
    All the Metro's that buy bikes for prettiness, are wierdos, posers, and for the most part - as bad as inner city soccer-mums in 4wds.
    Nobody remembers the first loser ;)
    FTR - I flog the crumpet out of mine every time I jump aboard (in controlled conditions ;) )
  11. Ok peeps... I've now got 7500k's on my 08 and everytime I ride it I still fall in love all over again!

    First time I saw a pic I sorta thought... "K, least the '07's will be going cheap" but when I actually SAW it I fell in love... I looks so complete, so refined, so finished. The '07 instantly looked dated and cheap to me. I HAD to have one.

    Unfortunately I seem to be using it more in the rain and for commuting than anything but where i'd be on the edge of the tyre and feeling like I was hammering on my '01 929 Blade this is just toying with me, teasing me, taunting me... I don't care how light they say it is, or how much you buy into the mass centralisation thing, but all I can say is it 'feels' INSANELY light!! But if you dare to twist the wrist it's got sooooo much power, but yet manages to be so smoooooth. Not lifting the front wheel unless you give it permission, but it certainly likes to ask.

    The steering dampner is so seamless you'll hardly notice it's there but it just doesn't seem to get upset under power..

    Brakes, floorless. 'Nuff said.

    Clutch is so light yet grabs so well. On the slipper side, it works well, set firm enough that you can get a slide and use some engine braking but it won't hop and carry on and really smooths the engine braking out.

    Sounds great for a standard pipe, but not under 4k because of the exhaust valve but with under 5min and no money you have a completely reversible mod that sounds fantastic.

    Look through my garage at some pics of my fender, as Holster stated, i've just done this and am really happy with the results.

    How they've made a bike that's so friendly and ridable yet also so fast and precise, I don't know, but all I know is I wouldn't trade my Blade for ANY other bike out there... It's the sexiest thing on two wheels.
  12. picked mine up yesterday afternoon had an interesting ride home in the traffic and rain on brand new tires.

    Not used to a half decent clutch has seen me stall a couple of times getting off the mark.

    It feels incredibly light and nimble compared to the GS500 I was on.

    I plan to be respectful for the next 3 months and learn the bike slowly.

    Saving for a few bits and pieces to be put on around the time of first service (fender eliminator, seat cowl etc)

    Ill post a review in about a month or so once ive had a chance to ride it

    All I can say is bring on the Christmas holidays! 10 more working days and i have 2 1/2 weeks straight of riding time
  13. they come out with those?
  14. :cool: Enjoy the toy djc :cool:

    When you get sick of the sewing machine sound, give me a yell and i'll tel you how to fix it :grin:

    Stay safe, respect it and it's a forgiving bike.
  15. If you drop the N they do, the N was an optional extra :p
  16. I must admit im enjoying it immensly. I hope i get some good weather on the weekend so i can take it for a nice long run away from peak hour and traffic lights

    I have found the second bike the one that appears just over 5000 revs its an aggressive little bugger totally differant to the nice bike I own under 5000 revs

    Still not used to the slipper clutch though especially off the mark.
  17. Yeah I found the take up a touch odd to start with, and was quite impressed with how light the clutch actuation is. But a few k's in the saddle it feels so natural and progressive... Getting some shorty levers in the next couple weeks, with such strong brakes and light clutch, I reckon they'll suit her perfectly. :grin:
  18. what did you pay for yours djc, if you dont mind me asking?
  19. Nope I dont mind.

    I paid $19k on road from Sydney City Motorcycles at Lane cove.

    Not sure if its still on but QBE had a promo on comprehensive insurance as well, 2 years for the price of 1 (picked it up through the dealer for the same price as direct I figure they could use the commission :grin: )

    Only got about 400km on the bike so far and still feeling it out but im loving it
  20. Have any of the 08 owners on here had the oil burning issue? I've read cases on forums of bikes using a litre every thousand kms, and owners topping up the oil at the same time as re-fueling, some people calling for Honda to admit there is a problem, shit like that. Admittedly, these were from the UK and the US. What's the deal?