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'08 CBR1000RR ....when is it in Aus .... ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by paulmoran, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Has anyone got any concrete dates on when this new delight will be available ??

    And can anyone hazard a guess at prices ?

    Thanks in advance

  2. I test rode one of these in the UK last week :cool:

    The old blade is a load of crap compared to this new model.

    I asked here, they are coming about Jun-July. around $18k.

    The 07 models are walking out the door there.
  3. thanks for the reply mate;

    having never bough a 'new' bike before - is the 18k + onroads, or do u reckon u can wangle a ride away price of 18k ??

    Also - with that new 'akira' style exhaust ....the cat connecting unit looks like a beast!!! how do u think the after market pipes are going to fare for this model ....its going to have to incorporate the 'moulded' area u reckon ?? alos, from the reviews there is some fairly hardcore valve management thats going on in there too ....so, it will be a beast of an exhaust to engineer me would thinks for the after market guys ??
  4. Pro-pilot, is it better than the 07 R1?
  5. Depends how long you wait. If you can't wait to get one you'll pay top dollar - but given it's a Honda you'd only need to wait an extra couple of months to be able to arrange a deal.
  6. It is a much smaller bike, and delivers a smoother power band and associated torque curve. At first I heard it was an old mans sports bike, but it grew on me very quickly. You really loose your sense of speed on it much more readily than the R1.

    As far as better.... Yes.

    Acceleration, cornering and road behaviour are all warm and fuzzy.

    They are different animals, but this new bikes responsivness and manners are fantastic.

    I will consider one, but have another new bike on order, so gotta watch out for the bank balance!!

    p.s. I also rode the zx10r. Its a pig on the road as far as gearing and throttle play. Apparently though it is a beast on the track.

    Outcome. The new blade is probably the best as it handles the best on road, with the added play on track.
  7. Ridden the RC8 yet pro-pilot?
  8. Honda are waiting until 07 CBR1000RR stock numbers are reduced before launching the '08 model..

    should be around June/July hopefully.... can't wait to ride one..
    from all reports it's the best 'blade yet..
  9. Not in the UK, they didn't have any test models available (all sold out).

    But will have a chance here!
  10. Look forward to a review. :)
  11. I've read that's it's due to high demand.
  12. Yes, demand to offload them.

    The 07 blade is ok, but is a lazy beast (but yes still quite powerful). But once you try out this model, no looking back. It shiite's it all over.
  13. The 06/07 blade is hands down the best bike I've ever ridden. I can't wait to have a crack at the 08, it must be a frickin' monster.
  14. yep.. and the stores have brochures for them...

    people are still buying the 07 Blade knowing the 08 is coming but are taking advantage of the rediculous runout pricing available..

    the 07 is still a great bike.. the 08 is definitely better.. but IMO not as nice looking..
  15. The 08 model is a different paradigm. The best way to describe it is to say they have squeezed a more powerful linear torque engine into the frame of 600cc bike!

    You get all the benefits of a 600's handling characteristics with even more power delivery (and power to weight ratio of course) than the current 1000's.

    These design's will I believe challange the 600's in their market space, unless they start to make 600's compact into the frame of your current 250's.

    The cbr600rr comes close.
  16. So what you are telling me is they made a better frame, put in a better engine, that handles like a small bike and punches like a big bike...
    And then the put it inside that absolutly BUTT UGLY fairing with those Horendas headlights...
    Can someone go and shoot Hondas style people as they are just wasting oxygen.
  17. The bike is actually quite nice to look at in the flesh, the feel is much more relaxed than the current race bikes, and it makes the current run of 1000's and bikes like the Daytona look and feel like a force fed Italian opera singer.
  18. Agreed. WTF were they thinking?? I must admit though, that the fairings are growing on me SLIGHTLY (very slightly), but the exhaust is an absolute monstrosity. :shock:

    I'll keep my 600RR thanks very much. Looks fantastic, has more than enough power and is shitloads of fun to throw around :wink:
  19. I saw it at the Bike expo, and still think it looks like a pig. no Argument that it may feel good, and i supose at the end of the day you can't see the headlights when you are in the saddle. but i still think that when it comes to that fairing they got everything wrong to almost teh same degree as they got the rest of the bike right.