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'08 cb1000r

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by haydenoc, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Just purchased this 2008 Honda CB1000R. Only 2500kms on the clock and got it for a ripper of a price too. Very happy with its over all performance.

    will be a few mod's to come on this for sure.

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  2. Nice. Good looking bike. Like the single sided swingarm. looks better than my cb600 swingarm
  3. Thanks mate. Apart from the exhaust, i think its great looking bike. It rides nice and has plenty of power right through the rev range too.
  4. looks like a 600 Hornet on super-steroids :LOL:

    nice steed, enjoy!!
  5. Congrats mate ! Tough, yet sexy looking choice of weapon (y)
  6. Looks great man! That's a great pick for a roadbike, plenty of grunt but I suspect a hole lot more comfy than the liter bikes some of us get around on!
  7. Agree with others comments. Compared to some of the other oem cannons that come on bikes this one actually looks decent. You could colour the exhaust in flame proof black and get the grey bits under the seat and headlight cowl black which would make it look stealth. Face mask would be sweet maybe something like this. There's a few threads here of nicely modded CB1000R's. Nice bike.
  8. Thought i'd share a few pic's with the new exhaust i have fitted since buying this bike a couple months ago. Its an Arrow Thunder, titanium. Also have a decat fitted. The weight loss is quiet alot without the cat and factory pipe.

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  9. Arrow make good exhausts, very nice.
    Lurrvely bike :D
  10. love the SSS and overall look of the cb1000r but they are pretty rare huh, haven't seen one in person yet. very nice arrow titanium exhaust...
  11. Go Honda!!! like the Arrow so much, very well fit.
  12. I gotta say that this arrow pipe + decat, is the perfect can for this bike. Arrow sounds so sweet, especially with the DB killer taken out. I'd link a you tube vid of how it sounds, but it does it no justice.:dance:(y)
  13. Congrats! Great looking bike. Arrow pipe finishes it off.
  14. Wow I love it!