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'08 blade

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by 265chemic, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. After 3 (wonderful) years on a '98 cbr600f3 the time came to move on.

    After riding an '09 R1, GSXR1000, CBR1000rr, and zx-10 I decided on a blade.

    Here it is:


  2. Nice looking bike and enjoy riding it on many happy days.
  3. Awesome mate. Out of curiosity why'd you go the Blade over the rest?
  4. Thanks guys.

    Here are the reasons why I chose what I did;

    R1 - Awesome sound, cant beat that. What I didnt like was the snatchy on and off throttle, which combined with the long first gear wasn't what I wanted in traffic (im doing a lot of commuting with this bike). Low revs weren't great torque wise, mid was starting to fatten up but unfortunately I didn't get to test it out up high. Before I saw this bike in the flesh I thought it was the best looker - my opinion changed. The the proportions didnt really do it for me and floating headlights weren't my thing. - the earlier model looks better in this respect.

    zx-10 - Fairly smooth down low. decent mid, again didn't get to test the top end (dealer rider with me was putting along). The thing that put me off pretty much straight away was the vibration through the bars cruising at 3k - 4k. Not sure if this is a thing with this model, or maybe the demo bike has issues. Instrument cluster looks a little cheap though the 'floating' speedo display was kind of cool. The bike is an ok looker but doesn't quite come together for me.

    GSXR - The bike had scorpion pipes and I was allowed out alone with this one, so got to test it more. Sounded nice. My favourite thing was that the engine has a lot of character. Its hard to explain, but it just has a 'fun' feel to it (the pipes probably helped too). Little annoying at low speed (not as bad as the R1) decent mid and peaking into top. I like the look of the entire bike, but the front - which I think looks somewhat out of place. Would've been my second choice with the R1 3rd.

    Blade - First thing ill say about it is that it looks better in the flesh than in pictures. I came into this thinking the R1 was the best looking and the blade not so much. My opinion switched when I saw them. It looks very well put together and the front has grown on me a lot. It probably helped that the demo bike was all black (available from '09 and '10 but not in '08). Down low it is quite happy (i'm possibly putting more emphasis on longer first gears coming from a 600 which at this stage I feel is easier to get off the line, and with stop start traffic), mid is very fat and top continues with a bit more of a kick. The power curve feels straight, which makes for great throttle response at varying rpms. The fact my other bike (in the second pic) is a honda swayed me this way a little due to the trust I'd built in the brand. It struck me as easier to live with - and effortlessly quick.

    All in all very happy. For anyone else contemplating a class, throw a leg over the contenders - its worth feeling what everyone has to offer and hey, if you don't you may regret it down the track.
  5. Every time I see a new 'blade, I rubberneck to have a look. They are truly amazing bikes.
  6. Hmmm Im a fan. I love the colour to very effective!! Plain but very striking yellow. Well done on the bike and enjoy it.

    Homework on bike pays off guys too see what bike suits... Nice 1!!!!!
  7. interesting colour
  8. very cool mate! congrats
  9. Schweeeet ride!
  10. Haha, u beat me to buying this bike, i wanted it for a daily. Was on formula extreme and bikesales. Good buy, carbon front, exhaust carbon cover, all the goodies.

    Enjoy, still like the gixxer the best, probably cause i own one :)
  11. Beautiful, only ridden my baby blade for 3 months now but every time i see one of these go past i drool so much i can't see out of my helmet.
  12. nice bike
  13. hey congrats mate
    i one day will have one :p
    black too :p
    looks like a treat
    tc and enjoy
  14. Nice bike dude! My mate has an all black one. I'm hoping to get a ride on it one day. I feel the same about the R1s, I loved them until I actually rode one.

    One day I was riding the old pacific highway and bumped into 2 mates there. We played swapsies and I rode an 08 R1 (exhaust, filter, PCIII etc) and an older CBR1000 (around 06).

    The CBR1000 was awesome, I really enjoyed it, it felt just how you'd expect a 1000 to be. Nice strong mid range decent handling. Felt noticably heavier than the 675 on the corners, but it made up for it with the power. I could definitley see myself owning one of these. I hear the new ones (yours) are even better again in the handling department.

    Took the R1 out and it was a different story, shithouse everywhere expect right up top but it still wasn't as nuts as everyone had talked them up to be. Handling felt worse than the CBR (didn't want to turn in), gearing was retarded and power comes on really late.

    I hoped back on my 675 and it felt reassured that I made the right choice in bike. I came within inches of buying an 08 R1 brand new last year. The dealer wouldn't give me a test ride on their demo bike so I told them theres no way im buying a bike I havent ridden. I'm glad I stuck to that now too.

    Good to see you did your research and didn't just buy it off looks.
  15. congrats on the bike!!. i bought one too end of last year!.. went from a 250 Hyo to the blade :)

    now u need a yoshi pipe... i put it on mine and its AWESOME!

    heres a pic of mine!

    Attached Files:

  16. wow thats some twisted piping