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07 zx6r tick?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by discocbr, May 2, 2008.

  1. Hey was just wondering if there was anybody elsee out there with a 07 or 08 zx6r that when started from cold has o slight tick or tap for a few seconds (15ish) when started cold?Was just wondering if its just the oil getting up to the head or if there was something wrong.and imput would be appreciated.Took it back to the dealer for a service the said they havnt done that much on these model bikes yet.And they arnt worried just wanted to know if anyone else has the same thing.Cheers...

  2. it's warming up and the metal in the engine is expanding slightly as it does so, makes a ticking noise, same as cooling down...
  3. its not that sort of noise its more of a tap that dulls down isnt as random as the ticking you sugested but thanx
  4. Could be the fuel pump starting up?
  5. Pretty sure its an electric fuel pump in it im thinking maybe oil pump.
  6. Some Triumph Daytona 675 owners were reporting a similair noise, turned out to be a pump (fuel or oil, I can't remember exactly).
  7. As with most Overhead Camshaft bikes, with the tappet clearances set to data, a slight ticking will be present until the motor warms up. As they warm up the expansion of the relevant parts in the head closes up the tolerances, and hence runs quieter.

    Hope it helps
  8. have been checking out some kwaka forums and it is a problem with these model bikes.cam shaft problems am gunna take back to the dealer as it is still under warrenty if your lookin at buying an 07-08 zx6r do your homework first wish i went with the gsxr now!
  9. What if the ticking is there even after the bike is warmed up?

    I got a mate that has the same bike as me and it got a ticking/clicking sound but it stays there through out the revs but seems to disapper at after 5,000 rpm (Im guessing the noise is still there but is muffled by the engines natural sounds.)

    any ideas?
  10. Hard to say without actually hearing it, but I'd probably check the valve (tappet) clearances as a first move, and maybe check the camchain.
  11. How would I go about doing that?
  12. I heard somewhere that they have a problem with soft buckets
  13. So the shim deforms the shim seat?
  14. Well, checking the valve clearances basically involves taking the cam cover off and poking a feeler gauge between each cam lobe and its corresponding follower. If any measure outside spec, adjustment is required, which tends to require either cam removal or special tools.

    Of course, there's rather more to it than that :grin: . There will be a detailed procedure to follow, and also, based on what I've seen, the average sports bike needs quite a bit of work to get the fairing and various ancillaries off before you can get to the cam cover.

    I wouldn't even think of attempting it without a workshop manual and, if I hadn't done it before, someone with a bit more mechanical experience to hold my hand :grin: .

    As for checking the camchain, again, a workshop manual should give the procedure. I would expect it to be possible to get an idea of its condition while the cam cover is off.

    A valve clearance check should be part of routine servicing (although probably not at every service). Might be worth booking the bike in for a major service, specifically including a valve clearance check and adjustment.

    But, like I said, a diagnosis over the 'net can't be regarded as reliable :grin: .
  15. Thats what i think the problem is where did you hear about it?
  16. What has developed since mate?

    Did you work out what it was? Anything major?

    Has the dealer helped you replace/fix/recall?

    Still wishing you'd got the Gixxer?

    Cheers, R.
    About to buy an '08 ZX-6R.