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07 vstar 1100 vibration

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Andyf61, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Just bought a new vstar 1100 and have found it vibrates through the handlebars and footboards almost like it's short a 6th gear.

    I've done just over 1000 klms on it and had the first service done.

    I had an 02 model previously that unfortunately was written off in a crash, it never seemed to have that problem and that's sort of why I just replaced it with the newer model.

    It did have after market pipes but i don't know whether that would make a difference or not.

    As I do a lot of long trips, having to stop every hour and have tingles in the hands is gonna be very frustrating and uncomfortable, anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Hey.

    Yeah I'd suggest playing with some different weighted bar ends. Maybe some /some more rubber on the footpegs.

    Also.. perhaps it will run smoother once you've done some more kms and loosened everything up a bit more.
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  4. I have the 07 V-star 1100 Classic but don't get any vibration through the bars or floorboards at all. Its done about 13,000km so far. Whilst I agree it would be nice with a 6th gear for improved mileage and range at 100+ speeds, I can't say I've had the problems you've described - it sounds like something with your bike in particular - who does your servicing and set it up?
  5. thanks for the replies,

    the vibration seems to be right through the frame more than just the bars and footboards, though that's where you feel ot most, even my pillions can feel it

    It was bought from Clipstone in Ringwood and the first service was done by Citywest in Werribee. Not sure if it's maybe even a wheel alignment thing although you'd hate to think that would be overlooked on a new bike.
  6. It certainly sounds like there is something wrong with the set up of your bike - as I said, I have the same model and don't experience what you are describing. In fact one of the things I was most impressed with about this bike was the fact that I am completely isolated from any vibration, and having ridden other v-twin cruisers this was what sold me on this bike. I ride long distances without any discomfort whatsoever.

    Given that your previous model didn't experience this, and the line has not really changed much at all over the years, would lead me to believe that there is something not quite right with yours. I'd recommend you take it in for them to check thoroughly, and if you aren't satisfied, take it in to Stafford's in Heidelberg for them to look at, who set up and service mine. I'd highly recommend them as an excellent Yamaha centre.
  7. That's great, thanks for that.

    I found that with the '02 model I had.. smooth as and that's why I bought this one as a replacement without even test riding.. oops. I'll try hammering them over it then try your guys for sure, if it's a warranty type issue it shouldn't matter where it goes should it, although you'd like to think the people you spent $15,000 or so with would like to help you out.
  8. I've read about other VSTARS having vibration issues but only over 100km/h

    Def take it back to where you bought it and get them to sort it out.

    It should be their problem, not yours.
  9. I get my '99 Road Star serviced at City West and they have been nothing short of outstanding. Give Adam a call next week (he's on leave this week) and tell him what you have noticed. They may not testride a serviced bike at 100kph speeds unless they know it isn't right. Plus if you tell them what to look for, they'll find it.

    Is it a vibration (like a rattling vibration), a shuddering vibration and can you HEAR anything when it happens? if its shuddering then its probably an unbalanced wheel.

    Is the bike properly warm? I used to get that sometimes if I was riding to Bacchus Marsh - I would be in a 100km zone 60sec from my door and the bike wasn't fully warmed up. Road surfacing could also play a part.

    Check your tyre pressures. I think the 1100 is 36/36, but if the bike was rigged for 2up the rear may be 41. Suspension could be overly stiff (new bike) too and you're just feeling everything.
  10. vibrations

    gee you think you have vibration problems, wait till you try a HD :(
  11. Dude you've got two 550cc slug pumping up and down at odd angles.

    As to the difference with the 02 model, the Japs have been engineering "character" into their latest cruisers.
  12. Thanks for the hints and info.
    I'm off to Clipstone Friday to get them to check it all out. As for the questions put up, the bike is warmed up, most trips are about 10-15 mins before i hit 100klms, Williamstown, over the Westgate at 80klms then either over the Bolte or onto the Monash before it hits 100.
    Did a trip down to Wonthaggi and it was the stop at Grantville where I noticed the hands tingling, then on the way back at Springvale road. Feels like when you've been mowing the lawn for an hour.. lol, maybe not quite that bad but close. Done much longer trips before on other bikes including the earlier 1100 with no probs like that. I tend to think it maybe a set up issue, but we'll see what happens friday.. Might tell 'em they can have it back and I'll take back the '93 VFR I part traded for it if they don't come to the party..
  13. If its predominantly in your hands then put some weighted bar ends in (someone already suggested that), and check the bolts on the clamps to ensure the bar is locked down correctly.

    I don't think it will be anything serious though.
  14. Well, I took the bike in to Clipstone last friday, dropped it off at 9.30, told the guys there to take it up to 100 klms/hr and they would feel the vibration i was talking about. I was told the Yammy rep was in that day so they'd get him to take it for a run, it should be taken care of by lunchtime at, least have found the problem and would know what to do with it. Wandered around Eastland until 1.00 and figured that since they hadn't rung yet they must be fixing the problem. Went past at about 1.00 and the bike was still parked where I'd left it at 9.30, they told me someone had taken it around the block and got it up to 80 but couldn't feel anything. Long story kinda short, 2 other guys there took it out, neither of them took it up to 100 and then did a wheel balance. Took it down to Gippsland over the weekend but couldn't ride it for more than 30 mins without the vibration getting so bad had to pull over, pillion was having her teeth rattled and getting an unintentional foot massage to boot.

    Back to Clipstone Wednesday, asked to speak to the owner, went over the road for a coffee until he got back from "being out" he rang me, from the shop, wouldn't talk to me face to face, didn't care that I'd spent $26,000 at his business and basically told me what his legal obligations were regarding warranty repairs. No chance of a loaner to get me home, no sympathy regards a brand new bike being stuffed and being without wheels for however long it takes to be fixed.

    Bottom line I guess is what I told him, his attitude to his customers stinks and I would not recommend anyone going there for anything and I wouldn't spend another cent there, my biggest regret is that i wouldn't risk riding the thing home so it's there hopefully gonna be repaired but it will be the last contact I have with them.

    To those that recommended other dealers, thanks, once i get it back I'll be getting it checked by one of them for sure...

    Thanks for all suggestions and comments
  15. Damn, that sucks man - sounds like they could care less. Well if its still not right when you get it back, give the guys at Stafford a call and see if they can sort it out for you.

    Let us know how it all turns out :)
  16. Will do for sure.... thanks again for the moral support. But then I guess that's what this place is all about.. :grin:
  17. I also had a bit of bad luck with clipstone...

    bought my bike off the shelf from them back in may/june.
    sale and everything was great...

    but... first service came pretty quick (i was travelling heaps for work)... and anyway, i had a bunch of extra's they were going to install...

    so anyway, they forgot to put them on after the service, no problem, they did it in halfa... BUT...

    couple of days later i notice a leak... found the shaft drive sump plug loose... loose as in... i could do it up with my fingers :(

    took it for its nxt service to yamaha in the city... they were alright, but it was just basic warranty service kinda thing.

    So... all in all, the service dept at Clipstone might need to shape up a bit!
  18. I've had some crappy service dept. experiences in the past from a couple places (most specifically PS Geelong where I got my 250 from). Have to say that with a single minor oversight that they corrected before I left the lot, City West have gone well beyond any expectations of mine - nothing has ever been too difficult or too much trouble for them. Can't recommend them highly enough.
  19. Certainly once I get the thing back I'll be taking it elsewhere if there's the slightest problem, not to mention contacting Yamaha Aust. It's not just about the service dept, it's also about spending a large amount of money there and having the owner just not want to know. Sure he is fulfilling his LEGAL obligations, but bloody hell, you'd think he'd at least talk to a customer face to face and try to help out. Particularly telling his staff he's not there when the phone call to me came from his office.. Ah well lesson learned I guess.
  20. Sad to see that the bike industry is the same as the car industry, where no one takes any responsibility.

    Simple communication instead of hiding would prevent most of our issues with any service department.

    Why can't someone ever just suck it up and make a decision. I know at my work, any money I have spent on customer relations has been returned to me in reputation and thanks. Again, it seems to be rare. I would rather spend $50 up front than $100 later, and still not solve the problem. If they spent the money at the FIRST issue, everyone in the chain would spend less, and there would be no issues.!