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07 R6 tidy tail!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by LKC73, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Hey, Ive only just gotten my R6, but thought the numberplate thing was an after thought by Yamaha.

    Well today Ive fitted my new tidy tail, and must say Im very pleased with the result. Make the rear of the bike less ugly! You can check it in my garage. Its a UK product from Evotech, and wasnt all that bad priced.


    Made of alloy and lazer cut and retains the stock blinkers, which is what I was after. Very easy to install also, LED plate light, and adjustable brackets for the numberplate.
  2. Very nice mate, I'm looking for a decent tail tidy for myself.
  3. looks good mate.any idea if these stop rain water spinning from the back wheel(onto the rider) in wet weather?(maybe silly question as youve just instaled it)but using my bike mostly as a commuter it would be helpful to find out.
  4. dude nice tail..... .just about to pick up my new ride 2004 CBR600RR

    do they have a website
  5. I got a fender eliminator from them for my K5 GSXR 750. Best one i have seen encorporates the standard tail lamp and doesn't make the plate unreadable. The police actually can't tell that it's after market.

  6. Thats not an eliminator. May as well leave the original on.

    Non of the after-markets make the plate unreadable because you can
    adjust the angle of the plate if thats what you want to do.

    One in OP is perfect. Gives a clean tight arse & the plate is fine.
  7. Here you go smart arse! Perhaps you should check out the pictures of the tail tidy before you make your uninformed comments. Obviously i wouldn't put a fender on that looked the same as original. What i meant was they haven't pulled me over for it like the previous tail tidy i had!
  8. The rain water shouldnt really be hitting the rider from there. But if your riding in the rain, most of the water spray would be comming off your front tyre and getting your legs. So even if it gets to you at the back, your already wet.


    I bought this unit to get rid of the after thought that Yamaha made for the plate holder. It just brought my number plate up tighter to the under side, but still useing the stock blinkers, most if not all others (I found) required after market blinkers.
  9. very nice... might look into it for mine.

    Where'd you put the rego label?
  10. I have got one of the Pro Rego tubes that rolls the little bugger up. Ive put it on the side of the frame and used and old tank pad cut up to protect the frame.


    Im just hanging for the black pazzo's now and she'll just about there for now.