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'07 R6 in Candy Red?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by basara, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Im a new guy here. Lots of interesting reading here.

    I just wanted to know if they have the 07 R6 in Candy Red here in Oz? It just doesn't show in the Aus Yamaha website.


  2. i they dont show it i'd say they dont stock them here? where did u see 1 in candy red?
  3. Looks like a colour avail on the 07 model.

    But dunno if they're coming to Australia.

    I think they're still selling 06's.

    I see the FZ6S has a similar coat o' candy on it.
  4. I havent seen one here yet. I was just checking the 07 models out on Yamaha's site. Unfortunately I dont see they have the colour in the Oz site so I was just wondering if they'll have it.
  5. I have only seen the black and the blue in dealers, so maybe they don't have the red in OZ. Dealers have the '07 in stock allready, actually they had them in December.
  6. yep 07 models came out on the 10th October................no they do not have them in the candy red...they are only available in the US market....unfortunately we only have the white/red combo
  7. :cry: I went to a dealer yesterday and asked them, and they said in Oz, there's only 3 colour to chose from....Black, Blue, and Red/White

    Its too bad they dont stock them here in Oz...It looks just so sexy!

  8. Couldn't agree more with you Basara - the Candy Red scheme looks HOT!

    I suppose if you had the mullah you could always look at getting an '06 or '07 R6 custom painted?

    That reminds me - when the 2006 R6 was first released, it was supposedly available in the 50th anniversary yellow and black livery, but I'm yet to see one on the road.

    Does anyone know if this paint scheme was released in Australia?



  9. Which puzzles me, why if you were prepared to wait, wouldn't they add it to their next shipment? Surely they get more than one delivery of these bikes from the motherland? Or why not offer it as a special air freight only bike that you have to pay extra for? It can't be that big of a deal to stock one extra colour of plastics?

    I must say, in that colour I would have looked harder at the R6. Didn't like the others.
    Doin' themselves outta sales I reckon.
  10. get the black..........black is hot :grin:

  11. I got the black in the 2006, despite having the chance to get the 2007 model, just preferred the red rim edges + side fairing etc. However any R6 2006 or 2007 is a magic bike.

  12. yep the 06 model looks the goods too.......and I agree about they are magic bikes
  13. Damn that is niiiice!!!!