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07 R6 highside + up in flames at broadford track! 17/2/08

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Awebley, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. #1 Awebley, Feb 20, 2008
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    hey everyone, this is my mate fraser's crash on the weekend at broadford. poor guy looses his new bike :(


    leave some comments if you like!

    (this is posted in the track and events thread aswell, but i thought i'd post it here aswell :) )
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  4. All I can say is WOWsers! How quickly did it go up! .. and on his head too :shock:

    Condolences to your mate on his loss, was the bike covered for track racing on his insurance?

    I have to say it, and no disrespect, but the appropriately timed Billy Joel tribute had me in stitches.

    Although I'm a little disappointed that the marshals used a Dry Chem extinguisher on a fire that was fully involved and included Class A, B and potentially Class D (if the alloy wheels caught alight - couldn't tell).

    Surely they'd have had a Wet chem or foam extinguisher...?
  5. Shite. Thats a pretty quick way to completely destroy a bike. Those extinguishers didn't do a great deal. Rambler, maybe they don't like using wetchem or foam because of the cleanup involved? It would definately have been more effective as you said.
  6. Man that is just so tragic... No insurance on track either... Jeeeeesus.

    At least he can look back and say he owned that bloke on the kwaka...
  7. Oh SNAP :shock:

    :LOL: at the music. The fire and smoke just get worse and worse. Kept thinking "Is it going to go out yet!?" ....no :p

    What did he do wrong? Can't really tell with that low frame rate, and the shadow, but looks like his inside foot was on the deck when the rear stepped out.
  8. :shock:
    fark that ! what a loss :cry:
  9. What happened? The fuel tank rupture and catch on fire?
  10. Dude, that bike is toast!

    ...sorry couldn't resist.

    That's a tragic loss. BUGGER!!

    Nightgash, the way the bike slid, the tank was a contact point and it ground down and holed... the rest is history. :(
  11. Finish line is all that matters Loz......... :p
  12. I am so sorry for your mates loss! Being an R6 owner myself, I would hate to see that happen to mine!

    It just looked like any attempt to put her out was useless though... :cry:
  13. Holy crap those things go up quick!

    It must have been heartbreaking for him to just stand and watch it go up in flames like he did.

    At least he seemed relatively unharmed. Considering he was on fire for a moment there too.

    And it made for a cool video.
  14. A perfect example of why to be in a car with a trailer to go ride days.

    Bloody long walk to anywhere from Broadford! :(
  15. where was the fire crew ?
    On track days there is supposed to be medical support and a fire crew as well isnt there ?
  16. Lucky for us we trailered it down! :)
  17. ^^^ What he said.

  18. At least it died in spectacular fashion! and that the rider's ok. I feel for ya Fraser! :cry:
  19. after seeing that i hope broadford review their fire policy :shock:
    they should have just broke out the marshmellows :)
    be interesting to see what they would have done if fraser was on fire for longer
    nice vid
  20. Why is the camera shaking so much?

    Is the filmer laughing? or just has Parkinsons?