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07 R6 battery change cost $320! rip-off or not?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Boredunidude, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, I'm in Victoria. I just bought an 07 Yamaha R6 from a guy who didn't include the road worthy certificate. The battery was flat and I had to push start it. So I brought the bike to Geoff Taylor Motorcycles for an RWC, thinking that it would cost less than 100 bux as it's all stock. They told me they had to change the battery as it dosent charge. And charged me $320 on top of the RWC fee (which was $72 bux). ](*,)

    Am I being ripped off? They said to change a cheap Taiwanese battery cost $140. and the $320 was the cost of a genuine battery. Should I refuse to pay the money? THanks guys.

  2. Ask for a breakdown of parts and labor, check it over and see what you think then. but sounds suss to me.
  3. After a bit of searching, it looks like a suitable Yuasa battery would cost you about the $140 mark. Yuasa are a decent manufacturer --I think there's at least a few bikes for which they produce the stock batteries.

    Do you know what brand they're trying to sell you?
  4. How much of the bike needs to come apart to get at the battery? The labour costs for bodywork removal and replacement can add up fast.

    Sounds awfully high though.
  5. Did they call you to OK the work or just change the battery and charge you? If the latter I'd tell them you'll be taking your business elsewhere in future.
  6. thanks for the replies guys, yes they called me this morning to tell me the cost. And I had told them to change to the "genuine" one. I have no idea what brand it is though. I'm stil at work and will be back later today to pick it up.

    I'm sure the 320 includes labour. The battery is located under the seat of the R6 and 2 screws will need to be removed to remove the seat. However I'm not sure whether they needed to remove the fairings too. I regreted giving them the go-ahead after doing some search on the net and found most battery cost around 70bux on eBay. I definitely won't go back to them again if they don't give me a perfect explanation.

    The model of the battery in the 07 R6 is YTZ10S. Which sells for around 100 bux on eBay. I'd say I'm being ripped off.](*,)](*,)](*,)
  7. yeah mate that is a rip off. get the part number of the battery and go to kmart they have heaps of replacement exide batteries. I picked one up for my cbr 929 for $50 and its great. don't bother with flea bay ones becuase they wouldnt be any better quality that the exide ones and they are more expensive.

    it takes all of 5 minutes or less to change the battery, only need a phillips head screw driver. even my cat could do it
  8. a Yuasa battery with a genuine part number written on it may well cost $320 and probably last a couple of years
    A yuasa battery without the genuine part number written on it is $140. and will only last 24 months or so.
    OR after a quick google - (I've never used these guys so this isnt a recommendation.)
  9. 24 months is a couple of years!

    Yes, you got ripped good. But: you did tell them to use original, so they did.

    How much is labour, how much is battery? Just so we know exactly how badly you got ripped.
  10. Yeah, being a noob is f**kn expensive.
    Just called Geoff Taylor. The brand of the battery was Yuasa, from Japan. And it cost $299 retail. $20 bux to fit it on the bike.

    They said that was the original battery on the 07 R6. ](*,)
  11. Could prolly get the same battery from battery world for sub 150
  12. Chalk it up to experience & go take your bike for a ride. You'll feel better.
  13. this is life. sh*t happens. Thanks for the help guys. I feel better already
  14. They most likely bought it from a dealers spare parts section - and being the exact original that's why you have paid big bucks
  15. Well Geoff Taylor IS a dealer...Thanks for the links Holster. Now I'm at least somewhat at peace with the cost..
  16. tell them you want the box it came in too, genuine yamaha should come in a yamaha box, if its a yuasa box tell them youre only paying yuasa price.
  17. There's no need for that, he asked for genuine, he got genuine.

    Labour charge was fair, next time he will ask about the price & performance difference between genuine & aftermarket & make a decision.

  18. I think you should send your cat to work on contract. It would make a good income.
  19. If theyre a reputable dealer i agree, you wont need to.