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07 R1 Write Off!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Sheeth, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. I got the corage together and just got one!

    Its a cosmeticly damaged 07 R1 with all of 17 thousand Ks.

    Now this is what i call a project!

    What do you guys think? It cost me just under 6 grand all fees and changes from Pickels included.

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  2. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    Did you check if you can register it? And is it straight?
  3. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    Sure did, its a repairable not a stat right off, so i need to document repairs then do a VIV inspection. And yeah its straight as a nail!
  4. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    Seems like a decent buy, good luck with fixing it up

    You replacing with oem gear?
  5. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    nice buy, should make a crazy streetfighter =D>
  6. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    You're a gun Sheeth. I'm sure you and Locky will have a lot of fun putting it back together again. I reckon it was the 2nd best bike condition wise after the CBR600/1000RR? But hey that didn't even sell for twice the amount you paid for the R1 so you picked up a bargain.

    Keep us updated with pics and progress.
  7. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    From the forum topic I thought you bought an R1 as a first bike lol,
    looks sweet,
  8. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    Good purchase - I agree, make a sweet strightfighter with those twin Yoshis! Or you could get a Chinese faring kit and that'd probly look alwrite.
  9. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    that a WRITE-OFF I gather.....

    Edited title :)
  10. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    i agree the aftermarket fairing is the go, the one i bought cost $600 delivered and with a bit of patience fits really good, looks like a good project
  11. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    Yeah im thinking mate. Its already loaded with aftermarket parts, Rearsets, Leavers, Yoshis, Braded lines etc. So there is a temptation to keep going with the aftermarket parts. And the price difference too. We'll see!

    Will do mate! Thanks heaps for coming down it was great to meet you. Yah id say your right. That cbr600 wasnt worth it though id say, it didnt even pass in at almost 10 grand. And who knows how well it ran etc.

    ill post some pics up after the weekend, im jujst cleening it up atm and getting myself a big list of things to do for mainenance, roadworthy and the VIN inspection.

    Haha, yeah mate. Spellings not my strong point!

    Im leaning towalds getting them welded at the moment man, theres only 2 damaged fairings, and there not even that bad. Ill get some closer pics soon. Ill get a quote and go from there. Otherwise it looks like aftermaket is the go.
  12. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    6 grand??? I reckon that's a STEAL. Good pick up.
  13. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    Haha, I think I know that bike!

    Got any more pics of it, especially the rearsets?
  14. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    untill i get some more pics ive got this from the auction house.

    If you know it man that would be awesome, id love to know some more about its history!

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  15. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    cracked fairing, is that all?
  16. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    Would you believe its only; fairing, clutch cover and the danks a bit dinted (no issue for VIn. That and roadworthy stuff like front disks and a front tyre (no wonder it stacked.).

    Theres lots of little things though, alot of clips and bolts are missing and broken, and thats shouldnt be an expensive fix but it'll prove to be time consuming ill bet.

    It seems neglected though, needs a proper once over and a full service.
  17. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    Ah, sorry dude. Identical to a bike that used to sit outside my work every day but disappeared a month or two ago. He had gold anondized rearsets. Ah well!
  18. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    Ahh thanks anyway man - So Close!!!
  19. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    r1's make ugly fighters so go with the tupperware option. i hope it came with keys.
  20. Re: 07 R1 Right Off!

    For 6 grand, you're laughing... have fun with it!

    Will be nice to see it once you've fixed it all up :)