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07 r1 for lams??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nrgtic, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. hey guys.
    my mate just took off yesterday to live overseas and i've bought his r1 2007 model from him as he needed to get rid of it asap and the price he wanted was 2 good to let slip by me. im still on my p's but plan on keeping this bike for when i finish my restriction period. is there any way i can have the bike restricted/chipped to pass rta standards so i can ride it legally?

  2. With enough money you can do anything. Short answer however, is no.
  3. Nope, not a snowball's chance.

    I'd be happy to ride it for you until you can if you like!! :roll:
  4. Buy a cheap 1k posties bike if u wanna ride in the meantime and wait the restriction out as the law states. Sell the posties, gain your honor back by riding a sweet arsed R1, dont ever speak of the posties bike ever again :p .

    It would cost you money to restrict the R1, then i believe you have to go through a fair bit of crap to certify it is LAMS legal (may cost more money), and then you gotta do it ALL over again when you want to de-restrict it as far as im aware (happy to be corrected).
  5. Fair bit of a question for a first post.

    Maybe go to Welcome Lounge, introduce yourself, what you are riding, e.t.c. first...........
  6. nrgtic - by the time you can legally ride the bike it will have depreciated a few thousand dollars :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Sleeving it and de-stroking it back to 660cc might be the most costly bit.
  8. if it's RIDICULOUSLY cheap, just buy it and garage it.
  9. if no regard for restrictions and laws...just ride it.

    shall not be held responsible or liable for any consequences of damage/legal or monetary occurances
  10. not to mention that you have to transfer the registration to your name and then insure it........

    you don't beat yoursel with sharp sticks, too, by any chance, do you :LOL:???
  11. Who cares if it's not LAMS, just ride it.

    Stupid answer for stupid question
  12. sure, if you hit a little old lady and have to pay for the rest of your life, who cares?

    at least NuxNug added a disclaimer...
  13. So sorry Hornet, fixed it for you
  14. It's 10 points and about 800 dollars in fines if you get caught speeding, with no p plate and riding a non LAMS bike. The three months suspension does NOT count towards time on your p's. If you get stopped at all (for an RBT etc), you can expect the latter two penalties only, which is still 6 points and something like 5-600 dollars.

    I did it, and got caught. If I could have my time again, I wouldn't do it. Just deregister it, drain the tank and buy a battery trickle charger.
  15. Dont you fill the tank to the brim to stop it from rusting? with some octane stabilizer or something stabilizer...
  16. Buy it and take it to the track until you can ride it on the road.

    In the meantime, buy my VTR and ride that on the road until you're off your restricted license :p
  17. is this the TURBO model R1?
    or just the n/a version?

    if its the TURBO version it shouldnt depreciate too much
  18. thanks for the input guys. i already purchased the bike before i wrote that message. i already have an rvf400 but it was a really good price so i couldnt resist buying the r1. no its not the turbo version. my mate has told me of a bike sales company that does restrictions for a bit under 2k in NSW. im not sure if im allowed to mention the company name on this forum in case i get banned so yehhh...ill give them a ring 2morro and hopefully get it lam approved sometime soon! if not ill probably resell it and make a quick dollar
  19. If it's that good a buy sell it mate. Three grand in your back pocket and you're laughing.

    But bear in mind it seems everybody is getting sportsbikes for a steal at the moment. The whole second hand market isn't that great. How much did you pay, what sort of condition etc?