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'07 Honda CBR600RR - My Thoughts.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Dougz, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Well, I think that 4 months and 5000k's should be enough time to get a good feel for a bike don't you? Actually, it's more like 4 x weeks over a period of 4 x months due to injury layup time - but who cares :p


    I picked up my sexy Blue and White beast in early Feb. I'd been looking at a 600 as my upgrade bike as I felt it would best suit my commuting and twisty-playing needs. Coming from the phenomenal performance and reliabilty of the Mighty Hyosung GT250R :rofl: I was skeptical about whether anything else could compare...

    Umm, Yeah :-w Anyway...

    The choice had been narrowed down to the Daytona 675, GSXR600 and CBR600RR - the main factors being Cost, Performance, Ergonomics, Reviews and of course Looks. I'd ridden Thou's and couldn't see the point as I would more than likely not ever get to use the full potential of the thing and I'm also not an overly large guy, so the final decision came down to 2 x things: Ergonomics , which the CBR won hands down and finally Service. The guys at Redwing Honda were fantastic! Helpful, patient and happy to take the time to have a chat instead of treating me like another Schmo off the street looking to waste their time, like a certain Green Logo'd company did...

    I decided to go for the Blue Demo unit that they had with all the bling and go fast bits already on it. This saved me approximately 2.5 grand. I'm not really a bling kinda guy usually, but Carbon Fibre's kinda cool :cool: and I've now got lots of it. I was also able to get the original parts as well! Happy Days :grin:

    So the bike.

    Rather than try and write something witty, I’ll make this more practical.

    Gearbox: Tight as a fishes bum. I haven’t missed a gear nor failed to find neutral yet. It co-operatively ‘snicks’ into gear each and every time.

    Cornering: After the Hyo I think an ocean liner would have been an improvement, but this thing is quite simply amazing! You just Point and Shoot. It goes exactly where you want it to each and every time. I took the Hume highway entrance onto the Ring Road the first day I rode it at a modest $1.40 and I swear it started to whisper to me “go on, I’m not even trying yet, go faster you little Girly Man :LOL: â€. I’m not 100% impressed with the stock tyres (Bridgestone BT015’s which are apparently designed for the 600RR ’07 ) as they’re quite slippy until you get some decent heat into them. I’ve already lost the front once (saved it thank God!) but that was my own fault. Too much lean angle on a cold road :roll:

    Brakes: Everyone raves about the stock Honda brakes. I see what they mean now. The rear is a little wooden until it beds in but the fronts are fantastic! I took my brothers SV1000 for a quick blat the other day and shat myself when I grabbed a handful and nothing happened :LOL: – Well it actually stopped very well, but I realized I’ve been spoilt on the Honda.

    Engine: Where do I start? Well, to quote Loz – “It pulls like a 15 year old with his 1st copy of Hustler†;) If I’m feeling lazy I can tootle quite comfortably around town at 60 in 6th gear and be able to accelerate reasonably easy without having to drop a cog or two. In 1st & 2nd the front end gets very light under hard acceleration and I often find myself having to throw my weight over the tank to keep it down. You’re breaking the Greed Limit before you can blink!
    It’s also SO SMOOTH! It’s by no means quiet, especially with the intoxicating noise of the Ram-Air induction and the Howling Micron exhaust, but after having ridden only V-Twins before this bike the smoothness of the engine is a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, V-Twins still get me hard but this thing is like the perfect balance for me :)

    Exhaust: As I just mentioned, my bike has the Micron Exhaust on it. I rode a stock 600RR today as a comparison and I must say I was pretty impressed with the performance difference between the two. It was definitely noticeable, especially at speed.

    Suspension: It haven’t tweaked it to my liking yet and currently have it left as stock, but TBH I can’t see that I’d achieve much unless I took it on the track (soon baby soon =P~ ) as I’m pretty standard size and weight. But I’m again impressed with it. It’s solid and provides good feedback especially mid-corner. The Electronic steering damper also works well. I was on my way back from Sydney via the Coast Rd last week and hit a nasty piece of asphalt that had melted into a lump at around $2.00. It lifted the front wheel slightly and started the wobbles. Well, quick as a flash it was straight again and off I continued.

    Bits n’ Pieces: The finish overall is excellent. I like the aggressive styling especially at at the headlight area, Oh and the high beams work well too. The lack of space under the pillion seat is a bit of a joke (I’d struggle to put a cd in there) but that’s to be expected with an undertail exhaust I s’pose. The pegs are in a comfortable position and the ‘bars also.

    Speaking of which, anyone who says you can’t tour on a 600 has rocks in their head. Actually, I’ll rephrase that: Anyone who says you can’t tour on an 07 600RR has rocks in their head LOL! I just rode from Melbourne to Mid-North NSW and back via the coast in 8 x days and had no troubles. 2941 kms to be exact. The bike was super comfy with a full backpack and tailbag and was an absolute blast to ride at speed along the magical sweepers along the NSW coast – But there’s a ride report to come soon so I won’t spoil it ;)

    Petrol economy is about std at 200+ kms per 18 ltr tank but I think you’d get more if didn’t ride as stupidly as I do :LOL: .

    Overall – I love this bike. It’s a good all rounder that is very comfortable to nip around town on and take away on the weekend for playtime. It’s also quite capable of doing some touring, though obviously it’s not ideal. It’s main problem is that it wants to go fast all the time- especially in my hands. ;)

    At this stage there is nothing I can fault with it and highly recommend it to anyone thinking of a 600 as their upgrade bike.

    Thanks for reading and please ask if you have any questions.
  2. Nice one.

    I'm trying to think if there's much I can add from my quick spin... I was very impressed with the acceleration, the bike's so light that anywhere over about 4000rpm I reckon the CBR6 would walk away from my old ZX9. The motor was fairly flexible too; sure, you've got to rev it to really get moving but it's fast enough to feel safe at lower revs.

    The handling and tyres I thought were pretty much perfect. I don't mind warming tyres up for the first km or so - any sticky tyre will need some time to wake up in winter. The BT015s reinforced my current opinion that Bridgestone make the best handling tyres around right now. The combination of the profile and possibly the sidewall stiffness worked really well in the BT002s I had on the Zx9 a while back, and the BT015s in conjunction with the CBR600 are spectacular.

    Turn-in is exceptionally light, any angle feels comfortable and planted, traction is brilliant and the bike remained responsive to steering changes on a good sharp angle. In short, in terms of handling I think you'd be mad to fit any other tyre to this bike. I couldn't identify any handling characteristics I'd want to change and I'd worry that any other tyre would be a step backwards. How's that for an endorsement?

    I can't remember being overly amazed by the brakes, or disappointed, I think they do what they ought to. Conversely, I was absolutely gobsmacked by the brakes on the 06 1000RR. Gearbox, as you said Dougz, was nice and tight.

    The riding position wasn't really my cup of tea, I'm about twice the size of Dougz (certainly on the horizontal axis) and it felt too small for me. That said, it wasn't too uncomfortable, I just didn't get that "in the bike" feeling, and felt like an ape perched on a pushie.

    The limited bit of spannering we did on Dougz's CBR really highlighted the build quality; panels and parts fit absolutely perfectly everywhere we played with them, with the only complaint being a slightly buzzy screen that was easily fixed with a bit of folded gaffa to cushion the screws. It was a pleasure to work on.

    All in all a very impressive bike, but one that you'd have to be comfortable on to want to own. Thumbs up.

    Edit: Oh yes, there was one criticism that came to mind; it suffers from the same on-off injection snatch that seems to plague all injected Hondas. It's not as bad as it is on some models, but in the lower gears you certainly notice a jerk coming on to the throttle from closed, and you'd probably find yourself wanting to ride around that in the twisties using rear brake and cracking the throttle open extra early in the corner.
  3. sexy bike mate :cool: , nice write up.
  4. Cheers mate - thanks for the input :) I did neglect to mention how easy it is to correct a line mid-corner.

    Ah! As of last Wednesday that's now been rectified. The throttle 'lag' has been removed and it's all beautiful and smooth again. You're welcome to take it for a spin anytime you like Lozza ;)
  5. Good Review mate!
    Bike looks great too. I tend to shy away from including the 'sports' bike as an option when time comes to upgrade, thinking at my age, I'd be happier with a more upright seating postion.
    Just wondering .. does the 600 hornet come with the same powerplant as the CBR600RR?
  6. Nice review Dougz :)

    The 600RR's are a great bike...looks awesome too!
  7. Nice review mate. Gimme a bell if you would like some assistance in sorting your suspension.
  8. Nice bike! Looks great in that colour scheme :grin:
  9. Good writeup, the bike looks real hawt. Thanks for sharing :D
  10. Fantastic review Dougz....its great to hear that touring was no probs.

    Hey VCM, yes the new Hornet has the same engine which has been "retuned" not "detuned" according to the writeup in AMCN. :)
  11. Really... How?
  12. Loz you know I've got as much mechanical knowledge as a pencil, so it's pointless trying to get me to explain it. Suffice to say that my mechanic did some stuff to the engine and fuel mapping to get rid of the on-off feel of the throttle. Have a ride and tell me what you think next time we catch up :)

    Oh and Stew - I'll shoot you a pm soon if the offers open to set up my suspension :grin: That'd be awesome :cool:
  13. Very nice report Dougz. Topwork.

    I rode a 2004 CBR600RR and it was a truly subliminal ride, so if Honda have topped that, they have made something truly very special. They seem to be fairly untouchable at World Supersport as well.

    And at last, a different subject rather that the usual pieces of $hit covering Hyosungs, CBR 125's and the new Mini Ninga all of which I give 2/5 ths of f&*kall about.
  14. Of course it's open. I have a secret agenda and am looking to compare notes against the 675 as well. :wink:
  15. Great review Dougz. It's great to hear that you're so happy with the bike.
  16. Great write up Dougz and particularly as i'm in the exact same position... looking at those three bikes to upgrade from my GT250R. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the GSXR and Daytona. Atm i'm leaning more towards the Daytona with the CBR second.
  17. the missus is funding me getting a new cbr in August so i hope they're okay...


    can't fricking wait.
  18. Great write up Dougz... :cool:

    I'm sorry i had missed this one, i was eagerly awaiting your thoughts on it. Now it is just plain obvious... Must.. get.. Honda 600RR!!

    A question or two:

    Have you had a pillion on the bike and if so, what was it like for them comfy? Enough power to go on a decent cruise two up?

    Coming from the Hyo, was there any part of riding this bike that made you rethink your riding style.. Like cracking the throttle mid corner or launching at lights etc?

    Last one.. Can i have it? :p

  19. Coming from a 250cc bike to the cbr600......

    Launching at lights = hold the hell on and lean way foward.
  20. Yep. They had no problems. The pillion seat is more like a thin piece of wood though. A cushion of sorts might be in order for a decent ride.

    Definately. It does notice the extra weight, but it still accelerates very quickly.

    The fact that it tips in so quickly and assuredly is one thing I noticed straight away. I've had to make sure my body position is where it needs to be straight away rather than feeling my way into the right spot, if that makes any sense?

    I've had to learn to gently open the throttle now rather than 'crack' it mid corner (like on the 2-fiddy) as it feels like it wants to spin up and stand up.

    Do you have kneepads? :LOL: