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07 GSXR1000

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by gsxr1000, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. The new 07 Gixxer with Yoshi cans

  2. I can see it jet black and having Ghost Rider on the number plate! The tail end and cans look good, do you have any front pics?
  3. I intially hated the twin pipes, but I think I am coming around...... :?
  4. nightgash....no front pics, this pic is only to show off the yoshi pipes

    Mustard....I think the pipes would better under the seat...
  5. YUK! :p

    I would like to see a double on the one side!
  6. The twin pipes are only for emissions reasons anyway, bugger them off and fit a single can wherver you goddamn want.
  7. oooooooooo, that's hawt.

    Do you have that pic in higher res?
  8. sorry I don't... :(
  9. nightgash
    You can see the bow of teh boat I sail on in that pic
  10. wicked :twisted:

  11. WOW

  12. thks Pat...how did I miss that.. :wink:
  13. Thanks for the links, my GF was at PI for the launch/testing etc but was banned from taking photos.
  14. I wonder if Suzuki will trim the price to keep up with the competition?
  15. oh that bike is soo sweet
  16. Two Wheels has the price at $17990+orc, how does that compare with the current crop of litre bikes?
  17. Looks the goods.. the gixxers have been growing on me!