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07 GSXR 750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by I Adore Vic, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. So who here has got one? (Besides Gilligan).

    And what do you think of it?

    And what do you do with it? (Commute? Tour? Twisties?) And does it do it well?

    And is there anything else you can think of that you'd like to tell someone who's interested in them but knows very little about them except they look freaking awesome in black?

    I'm going to try and take one for a test ride next week, if I can find a dealership that has one to test ride and if they'll let me test ride it ;)

    Only thing I'm not 100% certain/happy about is that it's not a VTwin and having never ridden a bike that's not a VTwin, I'm a bit scared....but kinda excited..but mainly scared. :twisted:

  2. You clearly need to get yourself a TLR1000...... =P~
  3. i4s are nothing to be afraid of... In fact, the slingshot effect when they get up in the revs can be very addictive.
  4. This is the second time tonight someone has mentioned a TLR. Got any further info/pics?

    Loz - was discussing the differences between inline 4's and VTwins with friends on the wknd and they were explaining this feeling you describe... I know the VTwin. Know it quite well. Can rely on my knowledge of this VTwin to make it do the right things for me when required. Surely that'd come about with the GSXR though? Give it time. Get to know it. Sure will miss that VTwin though - wouldn't mind a bigger VTwin to get to know...

    Ah well - test rides of plenty and time will tell.
  5. Rosie you can take the SVee out when ever you want, I'm free this Sunday if you want to hook up.


    Here's some TL info.
  6. follow your heart, get a sv or alteast stick with the vtwins :grin: :wink:
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    If your looking at sports bikes and you like V-Twins then the obviously choice is a Ducati. However unless you can afford these overpriced unreliable bikes then you are kinda stuck for choice in the V-Twin sports bike category.

    The next bike as mentioned before you should look at is a TLR1000. Absolute animals. And V-Twins.... Unfortunately they are getting older and harder to find in top nick. But it would be an awesome bike if sports/V-Twins are your thing.


    As for the L4's most modern Jap 4's are reasonably smooth. Obviouly they hold most of their power in the higher revs but this is why most people buy these bikes. The huge rush you get from a L4 up high in the rev range is an unbelievable feeling. Some people don't like this however. It just comes down to personal preference.
  8. That TLR sounds awesome .. :grin:
  9. Hi Rosie. :)

    I didn't think much about the Vtwin- inline 4 Debate ,just sorts thought it was like a sound sorta thing ,which one you like better :? ,considering there both motors :oops: .

    Having had 2 V twins and now the Gsx650f inline 4 ,I understand there is a major difference to "ME".

    Its a whole new ball game ,but you get used to it ,well im still getting used to it.

    But I did feel more at home on the V twin ,and if my bike come with either motor I would pick a V twin.
  10. ??

    In the ~1000cc capacity class alone:

    Honda VTR1000F
    Honda VTR1000SP-1/SP-2
    Suzuki TL1000S
    Suzuki TL1000R
    Suzuki SV1000S
    Buell 1125S
    Buell XB9/XB12
    KTM RC8
    Aprilia Tuono
    Aprilia Falco
    Aprilia RSV1000
    Moto Guzzi's
  11. Yeah, but except for those you have no choice but an IL4 :grin: .

    Through in Moto Morini now too with the 9 1/2 and Veloce. Don't forget the KTM Superduke either.
  12. Yeah, there'd be plenty of bikes I missed. That was just a 1 minute list without searching. Yes, definitely forgot the KTM Superduke (I had a feeling that I was missing a KTM somehow). Good call on the Moto Morini's. Was mainly aiming for manufacturer supported bikes as well, rather than the more esoteric boutique bikes.

    Also, aside from the V2's, there's also the triples if you want to avoid the I4 crowd. Some of the flattest gruntiest power/torque curves around are found in the triple engine formats. A bit like a twin that doesn't run out of puff up top. Or like a four, that doesn't have a weak low end. ie. It's a triple.
  13. haha i knew it wouldnt take long for you to sneak the triples in there flux.

    Stuff it and get a single. instant Torque and no need for breaks...the engine does it for you.

    ....none of this is probably helping to much with your original qn. But they are dead sexy in black and I4's can be tame as kittens if you want them to be so I'm sure you will get used to it verry quickly. I dont think you could be going wrong with one for a sportbike they are one of the most popular around.
  14. I really liked the V2 in the Spada, wasn't such a fan, but got used to the I4 in the GSXF, and now actually really like the I4 in the Bandit. That's because it's not revving furiously, like the GSXF felt it was, but has lots of torque and lazy power.

    By all means give the GSXR750 a go, Rosie. Expect it to sound like it's screaming when it's really not (twice as many detonations per cycle as the V2), and to have relatively reduced engine braking and perhaps less low down (although with your upgrade it'll feel like 'more low down and MOORRRE!!!!! up top')

    The TLR is awesome but probably not really what you're looking for. The SVs, both 650 and 1000, are very nice bikes, but for mine I reckon the Firestorm (VTR1000) is the pick of the relatively common/affordable V2 sports bikes.
  15. If you want to take a quick inline 4 out that handles phenomenally, you're welcome to take the 600rr for a spin :)
  16. I believe there is a little company in England that make I3's....Triumph i think they're called :p

    Rosie, you off restrictions already? :shock:
  17. Rosie,

    I don't know if you had considered the GSXR-600 but BTX in Ferntree Gully had a runout 07 model there for $12,490 when I was in there on Tuesday. As for getting on an IL4 after riding a twin...your coming off a 250 so either an IL4 or big twin is going to feel like a rocketship.

    It really depends on what you want to do with your bike...my Blackbird had 140hp and was good for 280k +...my Superduke has maybe 120hp and would be lucky to do 250...but it's comfy, easy to ride around town, and you don't have to be doing silly speeds to have fun on it...as Loz always says ride anything you can get your hands on...sometimes the bike that suits you is the most unlikely one :)
  18. At the end of the day, it's just a motorbike. The throttle and the levers do the same thing, they just feel a bit different. Even a 600 would have buckets more torque than the VTR250, I'd be choosing a bike more for its handling than its engine character. Make sure you ride a street triple, it's the cream of the midweight naked class right now and looks like a doddle to ride, which will make you start hewliganising more quickly as well.
  19. rosie you can buy my VTR :LOL: , the only thing you need to remember with the I4, which i also had a problem with when i got my gixxer, is you actually need to rev it, i spent the first week or so shifting at the same revs that i would on the VTR, the 750 is focus as an all rounder track beast, commutes nicely, but really likes to sing, although mine is alot fatter around the edges then the later of the K's so i can't really comment on the comfort of the K7

    takes abit of getting used to but they are definately a worthy choice of bike, enough power to do lazy 60km/h roll ons in 6th, all blast around your favorite set of twisties, at 166kg they are pretty bloody light, and really start to boogie from 7,500rpm
  20. Triumph. Rosie, stay the course :wink: