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07' GSX-R750 VS 07' CBR600RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by justified, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Which one would you prefer to own and why?

  2. Gixxer because 750 > 600.
  3. Apples and Oranges mate.

    750 every day!
  4. from all that I have read teh 750 has more grunt, and the 600 rides with sharper more accurate movement...
    So do you think you need teh extra grunt?
    Or do you want the extra controll?
    Are you a streight line hero or do you think lifes a little streight without twisties?
    Or... if you have teh cash look at a daytona 675, it is as sharp as teh honda, and has more down low torque than the 750 and lets face it except on the track you wont use teh peak power of any of them.
  5. Uh, why do you give a rats arse about which bike I'd prefer? Are you considering buying one of these bikes?

    If so, what bike do you currently own? What type of riding do you like to do, or plan to do? What's your current riding style? Do you plan on doing track-days?

    We could debate forever on which bike we'd personally want to own, but that would achieve nothing relevant to you. Let us know a bit about yourself, describe what you want to do, and then we could debate about which bike would be better for that intended purpose, and that'd be a whole lot more productive.
  6. haha well said flux

    well since this is about me it seems then i would get the gixxer750 as ive already owned an 07 600rr and change is good :D
  7. If I wanted to ask about which bike I should buy for my intended purpose, I would've given you a brief overview of my current riding status.

    I was purely asking for people's opinions on whhich one they'd rather own. Is that a crime? Can one not be curious about the choices different riders would make?

    I'm sure I'm not required to have the intention of purchasing any of these bikes to be allowed to ask such a question.

    I just simply want to know which bike people would own and why. Not too much to ask i hope.
  8. It's not a crime. It'd be nice to know that's what you're after. Might also help the target audience to know that you have an opinion of your own.

    I hope you can understand that people don't really appreciate being made to feel like performing seals for your amusement. If you want to engage people in a conversation or a debate, it usually takes a little more than "Here - debate this for me while I sit back and enjoy, or frankly, I might not even give a shit because I certainly can't be arsed to express an opinion".

    Having said that. Both are race-replica bikes primarily suited for sporting riding. Considering both bikes suitability for that style of riding:

    On the racetrack or for acting like a straight-line king - the Gixxer 750 - the extra power can be used to the full and enjoyed, and moderate midrange is not an issue at racetrack revs or during top-speed runs.
    On the road - the CBR600RR - better handling means more useful in the real world. The power differential will mean nothing on public roads where the 750 will only have a slight edge above 200kph, which will be clawed back in the corners by the more nimble 600.

    An alternative choice that'll do both jobs as well as either of the two above so long as a few hundred dollars is thrown at the "can-do" stock rear shock - the Triumph Daytona 675
  9. 600rr for sure

    its just a better overall bike for me, it also looks better imo
  10. If it was me, out of those 2, definitely the 750. I like the idea of a bit more grunt (especially thru the midrange). But, yeah the daytona 675 would be hard to pass up (speed triple even more so :grin: )
  11. 600rr for the road, gixxer for the track. The 600 is pretty friendly to sit on and I doubt I could use more than 600ccs of power on the road. On tracks like PI, power is important therefor I'd have the 750.
  12. Interesting view of both bikes.

    Thanks for your input dude!
  13. Is there an Echo in here? :LOL: :LOL: