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07 cbr600rr + new (noob) owner = questions

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ak_stylez, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Hi folks,

    I recently got my first 600cc bike (2007 CBR600RR).

    The bike is completely stock, no modifications whatsoever, I have a few questions:

    I can hear a "rattling" sound when i come off the throttle while riding. is this normal/common?

    my cbr250 had a megacycle exhaust on it, and it sounded a lot more free flowing than this, so it might just be the normal sound from stock exhaust?

    the bike accelerates hard and feels healthy (although i don't have much experience to base this on, especially with 600cc's)

    secondly, when I look through the oil level window, I can't see the top of the oil. the whole window is full of oil (fairly light coloured so its not burnt). is this too full? problem? note, I've only checked when its on the stand as I dont have a separate stand or anyone to hold it for me. but i imagine the level should appear lower if it's leaning on the stand as the oil levels out... or do i have it wrong?

    The bike hasn't missed any services (all done at honda dealer) and it just had the 12,000 km service done in september by the previous owner.

    finally, when looking at the rear axle from the left side, theres a circle shaft with straight vertical sides in between two vertical lines of metal. this circle shaft is rotated slightly counter clockwise such that the top left corner is touching the left vertical line, and the bottom right corner is touching the right vertical line. I tried googling some images of other cbr's and as far as I can tell they're all like this. just want to check that it should/shouldn't be aligned with the two lines on either side?

    thanks heaps guys!

    p.s. yes i'm pedantic lol

  2. Congrats on your new bike!
    I can't really answer the first question about the rattle; it could be so many things, but try to replicate it when your stopped in neutral and you may be able to get a better idea of where it's coming from.

    If your looking at the oil window when the bike is on its side stand, the window will appear full. The oil level can only be measured accurately when the bike is standing level.

    Are you talking about the assembly at the end of the swingarm?


    What your describing sounds like the adjuster nuts for the chain tension. You should read your manual on how to adjust the chain, because the nuts have to be turned evenly on both sides. Ask your mechanic to show you if your not sure.
    Hope that's helped :)
  3. Hey JP,

    Thanks for the congrats! i love it :D

    ok so the oil question is answered :D *sigh of relief* lol

    yes i do mean the assembly at the end of the swingarm. however, not quite the adjuster nuts. have a look at this picture,


    the adjuster screw and nuts are to the left of the axle shaft i was referring to. see how its rotated slightly counterclockwise? mine's probably a little more extreme than that. the corners are actually touching the vertical straight bits.

    I guess it must be normal if there are others like that. just thought it might have been indicative of a worn something?
  4. Congrats on the new ride.

    The noise what your hearing may be the Cam Chain Tensioner (CCT), I would have this checked by a trustworthy mechanic/ dealer. Some do this and some dont.

    If the oil level sight glass is full when on the sidestand There is TOO much oil in there. Drain some out ASAP.

    The axle shaft is normal.

  5. If the bike is leaning to the opposite side to the oil window and you cant see the top of the oil it's got to much in it.
    Another owner can say how much could be taken out. If the last service was done at a shop I wouldn’t be going back there if they cant even get that right.
    You'll need to post a pic of your chain adjuster setup. Your description sounds like a whatsit for a thingo. ;)
    The rattle…. There shouldn’t be any rattle but if there is there's a million things it could be. Get a second opinion if worried.