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07 CBR600RR and GSXR600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Had the pleasure of going for a bit of a blast on the latest 600 from Honda.

    In short - very impressed!...

    Coming off the Blackbird I am used to heaps of grunt, so I was expecting the 600 to feel comparatively breathless, but actually, I was really surprised with the low/midrange power. It had plenty, and was able to effortlessly overtake or keep pace with regular traffic even when down around 60k's in top gear! :shock: Admittedly, a few gears lower and there was heaps more power on tap...but it was an easy and relaxed ride down low in the revs.
    Speaking of that...hold it in a lower gear, and pick up for passing was merely a thought process...by the time you had the the thought, the unfussed and smooth engine had you passed and wondering where the car went. :grin:
    The engine is smooth...Does'nt overly vibrate or sound like it's about to blow up when you get it up into the higher rev range....in fact...it likes to rev, and it will go like a missile if you open it up. It pulls all the way to the limiter to!.
    The Gearbox was slick....loved clutchless changes, up and down, and never copped a false neutral.
    The electronic damper on the front works very effectively. At low trickle speeds the steering is very light...almost too light...but the faster you go the more effect it has, keeping the bike very very stable but still allowing counter-steering without much effort at all. I pushed hard through one sweeping corner which is full of road bumps/yumps and uneven surfaces at $140...The bike was steady and held the line, and the suspension keep things very tidy.

    I was a little concerned at how aggressive the ride position might be, but no fear - it was comfortable....and I thought that I could have easily ridden it for several hours without getting too uncomfotable, even considering the fairly hard seat...I would'nt have considered this bike for longish rides, but actually, it was very good for cruising along at highway speeds.

    Brakes are just excellent..no more to be said. :)

    On the whole, the bike is refined and properly finished off - no buzzing bars or foot pegs, everything is quality, and well finished - it's well mannered and if you want to give it a handful, it is something that can be controlled and well managed by a decent rider.
    Cornering?...think it, and it's done...Coming off the Blackbird I felt it a little quick in the steering for what I am used to, but this is a bike that I would want to get to know intimately, because if I took the time to do that, I could develope an almost neurological link with it. The exhuast note is quiet....but don't worry...get the bike revving and it has a great induction noise that relates well to your rate of power and aurally gets the juices flowing.
    The Honda is quick, nimble, smooth and refined, and how you want to travel is directly related to your mood at the time, and your right hand.

    I want one! :grin:

    So how does it compare to the new Gixer6?. The gixer is "buzzier", feels a little less refined, and has a rather rough sounding induction noise. I don't think it matches the Honda for brakes, but it does have a sweet gearbox just like the Honda. It was hard to differentiate longer distance comfort, but it felt solid through turns and held it's line in very unfussed fashion...For me, the Suzuki looks a bit to "look at me"...whereas the Honda is low key and just gets on with it.
    I'm sure there is little between them in terms of outright performance, but I like the way the Honda rides, more so than the Suzuki, and the finish just looks more substantial and well put together.
    As a complete package, I think the Honda is the winner.

  2. I loved the 07 CBR600, its rides like its on rails.

    But the looks didnt grab me, and I had already fallen in love with a GSRX1000K6, otherwise, this probably would have been the bike I would have bought.

    Nice narrow seat as well, I could sit on this!