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07 CB900 temperature

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by flatfour, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Hi there. I've just bought an 07 CB900 and the temperature gauge normally doesn't move much off the cold mark. Is this normal or should it sit halfway between the C and H marks? In heavy traffic it slowly rises to about halfway on the gauge and the fan cycles on and off but as soon as I start moving again it goes back to just over C. I'm just wondering if this is normal for the bike to run so cold or if I have a thermostat problem. Cheers

  2. I would say that half way is more like three quarters.
    Thermo fans cut in about 103 to 105c. CB maybe a more towards the 103.
    If it runs really hot you will smell the oil. It's quite acrid when it gets really hot....synthetic oil
  3. sounds bout right, I have me one of these babies in the 06 model. enjoy :)
  4. Thanks all. It sounds like everything is ok then. Saved myself a trip to the mechanic. Cheers
  5. I'd still check and see if someone who thinks he knows better than the manufacturer has removed the thermostat....
  6. I've had my ST1100a for six years and your temp guage does almost what mine does. Mine usually sits about 2 needle widths into the nornal temp range. When I'm in the city traffic it will show an average higher reading because of the slower speed/air flow through radiator. It's normal for the temp gauge indication to rise and the fan cuts in/out while sitting at the lights and then return to normal when under way.

    The guage is an indication of temp only and any two bikes/cars of the same model may show a different reading in the same circumstances which is why bike/car makes suggest that everything is ok while in the normal range. If it moves to H or doesn't move off C then there's usually a problem.

    With the cooler weather mine shows a little lower than what it does in warmer weather.
  7. Thanks again for the replies. I'll get it checked next service.