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07 5512-1013 SCAM!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by fekkinell, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. I keep getting missed calls from this number on my mobile. I googled them and these are the results.


    It's a good thing I've been deliberately ignoring 07 numbers anyway. (someone I don't want to talk to in Qld)

    Apparently they ring, pretend that they didn't realise it was an answering service, get you to ring them back, then say "You've won some shiny sh!t and a holiday on the moon".

    So does anyone have any advice on how to stop a scam company from repeatedly ringing and leaving messages that say "Hello, can I speak to Brett?" even though my answering service clearly says "Leave a message"?

  2. I had one from a sydney number;

    02 86666630

    I ignored it, lasted a week, haven't heard boo.
  3. yes, i have been getting the same^^^

    didn't happen to join up with vodafone® recently by any chance??
  4. Nope. Been with Telstra for years.

    The messages started... maybe three weeks ago. One or two a day.

    It seems a lot of people are having problems with them. Apparently if you just ring them and say "I'm single and earn under $60,000" they leave you alone because you're not worthy of their scheme.

    At least that's what I read somewhere. Don't want to test it out by ringing Qld with my mobile.
  5. Ring ASIO It’s Terrorists I tells ya
  6. TIO and look for troublesome callers
  7. Add your mobile to the do not call register, stops em dead, at least it has for me.
  8. I used to get people calling form qld and sydney all the time when i first switched to vodafone....... it seems to have stopped now though.

    Fekkinell slightly off topic but how do you find Telstra for reception in country areas like out on the highway??
  9. + 23 for me, too.

    Troublesome faxes [1] have also seem to have stopped even though it doesn't cover them.

    [1] I have as a "bonus" service on my phone package, Faxstream Duet, which is a second number on my phone line. It has a distinctive ring pattern which my MFC Canon is configured to answer on. Been receiving crap on winery deals, holidays in Myrtleford and crap like that.
  10. sorry.. was refering to browny :wink:
  11. Country reception was the reason I switched to Telstra. Most of the family live in Portland in Western Victoria. The phone always used to drop out the second I left Ballarat and then I'd have no reception until Hamilton'ish.

    With Telstra it's pretty much constant the whole way. ;)

    Smee. Thanks for the advice about the register. Having a look into it. Cheers.
  12. not 'recently'... been with them for about, 4ish maybe 5 years?? always prepaid...
  13. have you signed up recently for some timeshare stuff??

    I entered a competition at a show to win a motorbike... the fine print was you could buy one in a time share program. Someone from QLD rings me about once a month trying to get me to do the timeshare program

    I have asked them several times to be removed from their databse, and each time they assure me they have done it