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07/03/2013 - 5:20 on Dandenong Road. Vic.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by LanceJedi, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Had a moment on the way home from work tonight at 5:20 on Dandenong Road.

    Looking for the rider who had the cam behind me.

    ......... If a couple of people would "like" my posts, I could post the vid.
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  2. Why do you need to have people nod your post to put the vidieo up. It's either worth it or not.

    Plus this is your first post.....don't want to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself, too cryptic for me.

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  3. He's a Jedi. This is not the post you are looking for *waves hand*
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  4. and here i thought i was a nod whore *shakes head*...you sir are a lowie.
  5. Jedis need to be liked? who knew!
  6. I tried, to post a link to a vid, and got an error.

    Think I'm doing it newb style..

    Not a bot..... not even a cyborg.... :(
  7. Oh... yeah.... newb.

    That's how its done.
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  8. seems...kind of normal - why do you want to know about the rider behind you?
  9. You guys all having an early night?
  10. He had a cam too.... pulled up next to me at the next lights and offered the footage, said he posts here.
  11. Probably just reading the more interesting threads.

    As Crisis says, why do you want the rider behind? Edit, now you have given a reason, you might get a response.
  12. Definitely a normal kinda thing to happen. If I was riding along there in that situation, with that traffic sitting there like that in the left lane, I'd be waiting for one of them to pull out just like that. You had a big speed differential up. I liked the look of the lane to the right of you, personally, but it depends where you had to get to.
    Aaaah, life on two wheels is fun! Grunt, manouevreability, and the occasional decent dose of unexpected adrenaline. Great stuff!
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  13. Not trying to be a dick but you can see the SUV pulling out at 12 seconds into the video. The 'near miss' happened 4 seconds later. Also, the camera offers a poorer representation of what the naked eye sees. So you could have probably seen the SUV pull out earlier. Regardless though it's best to move on I reckon. At least you're still in one piece :p
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  14. If I were a less experienced rider, I may go panic breaking with potential for lockup and go for a slide. Not a fan of that.

    If nothing else, he will look harder and think twice before doing that again, and maybe my minor over reaction might save the pain for a less experienced rider.

    I moved on.... just want to see the other perspective.
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  15. All the other perspsective will show is an arse.
  16. LOL
  17. gotta love it.. you wanna post a near miss and all you get is everyone critiquing your riding. sure, there's a few options for what you might have done better. BUT if WE don't put the blame on drivers for shit like that, how can we demand or expect dummies at the TAC and Vicpol to blame them? all this bitching about negative portrayal of motorcyclists and portrayal of us at fault and never the cars... we know why, we have this shit happen all the time, yet when someone ELSE, another rider, has it happen we blame him for it....

    fact is, he's riding legally, and has no obligation to be in the right hand lane. This is how the powers that be insist is the safest way for us to ride....

    @LanceJedi i hope you're right, and this served as a wake up call for the numpty in the car and they wont cream someone else. Everyone else, stop pretending this shit never happens to you cause you're all so friggin good.
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  18. it doesn't happen to me - i am an amazing rider.
  19. Its a forum, and the reason I stay away from this shit usually. I just wanted the footage. I really don't care about the politics.
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  20. You're completely right. But.....I like to stay living. Living is nice.