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06 zx6r slight ticking noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Snowman, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hi guys Ive got an 06 ZX6R which was serviced about 2000ks ago, that has a slight ticking noise... normally i wouldnt worry and just rev it harder to make the noise go away :p ...but im riding it from syd down to motoGP, just wondering if i should get it checked out, is it normal? i didnt notice it before... its got plenty of oil.

    thanks guys :)
  2. When you first turn it on until it heats up? My 07 GSX-R600 does that. Apparently its normal. Tappets I was told I think?
  3. I've owned Kwaka's, it the timer .. no need to worry until it stops ticking .. then everything goes bang..
  4. My ZX6 did it after my first oil change at 500km. Never stopped, failed or got any worse, and it had the valves done @12thou and still had it after.
  5. Mate I've got the same bike. When is the ticking happening? On a cold start or all the time? At idle?
  6. Happens at cold start and still when warmed up, but a little less when warm? it's coming from the left hand side of the bike around the engine as far as I can tell. It hasn't gotten worse since I noticed it. It's just a light ticking noise that increases with revs.
  7. Awww **** sorry to bear the bad news mate.

    Look for a pin sized hole in the casing some place.

    My mate had this same issue with his 06 ZX6R. Had Kawasaki perform two bottom end and one top end rebuild all under warranty. Every time they replaced it with parts that had the same manufacturing defect. The ****er leaks an almost unnoticeable amount of oil and made an annoying tick tick tick.
  8. bugger! i did notice a tiny amount of oil near the coolant bottle (i think) and i wiped it off and it didnt seem to return, so just do regular oil checks or is it gonna grenade? :p

    ill run it down to kawasaki and show them what its doing before i leave.
  9. Good luck, honestly, in all seriousness, I wish you the best of luck getting that repaired under warranty, and if they repair it and charge you, make sure you get the date code of any replacement parts.

    Back in 2006 some owners kicked up such a stink that Kawasaki FINALLY decided to get a PHONE NUMBER so that their Australian office could be contacted.
  10. I've checked with my friend; it was a 2007 model. The ticking was due to Kawasaki making the shims incorrectly. These produced the ticking noise, damaged the shim buckets and destroyed the head. When Kawasaki replaced the head, and each time after (two replacements) the parts had holes/slightly porous and so leaked oil.

    I would hazard a guess that your bike underwent similar repairs.
  11. Im hoping not as I believe the 2006 (636cc) and 2007 (599cc) are a bit different. I also looked around on a few other forums and the general consensus was, kawasaki's are just noisy and to ignore it, but im still going to run it down the my mechanic and get him to have a listen.

    A weird fix I came across to get rid of the noise for a while was to start bike > ride it up to third gear > pull clutch in > turn ignition off > with clutch still pulled in roll bike backwards and then release the clutch... seems weird but 2 guys said it worked for them for a while.
  12. The Kawasaki tick is a pretty well known phenom, particularly in the ZX6R.
    My 2010 ZX6R has the tick, my 2009 ZX6R did not.
  13. ...is it also a well known phenom for them to destroy heads? the ticking in any other bike would see an immediate visit to the mechanic for a valve clearence check, along with check for damage to the head, the cam, shims and tippets.
  14. The bike has since done over 4000kms to motoGP and back and lots of hard riding through the twisties and has been going beautifully :)
  15. May also be a pin-hole leak at the exhaust headers. If you rev harder and the noise goes away then this tends to confirm that it's a small exhaust leak. Less loud when warmed up also indicates this, as the pipes expand a little and seal the leak better.