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06 yamaha r6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ben11e, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Hi guys I am thinking of purchising a brand new yamaha r6, has anyone heard any good or bad things about the 06 yamaha.
    Cheers Ben

  2. I've heard the tacho lies.... but they look great.

    Like any new supersport, they're good at going quickly but not so good for a lot else. The powerband of the 06 R6 is even more focused than previously, so not a lot of huff down low. It looks even more track focused this year than last, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be a bad roadbike.

    I haven't sat on the new R6 so can't really comment on the ride position, but it looks a little racier than last years.

    Best looking of the new 600's IMO, the sexiest arse on any production bike yet.
  3. Best is to sit on and ride all the bikes you could be considering. Everyone fits bikes different to the next person :)

    What kind of riding do you do? Track, commuting, city, twisties riding? How long have you been riding for?
  4. very different!
    a bit more head down bums up. Seat height is a little higher too. I can just plant both feet on the ground but then again im a shorty.
    Yeah power is lacking below 8k but the needle wants to make a return trip after that. Its not going to make a real friendly city bike but if its just for twisties and weekend riding then yeah 1 hell of a bike.

    PS id choose the R6 over the 675
  5. Bzzt! GSXR600 is the bestest lookin' bike in its class right now, no two ways about it! Though I do love the split in the R6's tank shape, as well as the satin black treatment to some parts of the body. Mmm. But yeah, Gixxer for moi!
  6. Heard alot of diffrent things on the new r6 some love it others hate it I think its one of those bikes thats either love or hate lol talk to alot of people not just ones that own them now try the ones that have owned them they have told me they feel awefull on most of australian roads others say they are more user friendly than they have ever been ...ride it , gixers look alright but are finished like a hyundai read any comparo's especially un biased ones like rapid motorcycles
  7. Personally I can't stand the look of 'em from the front.
    Side-on = gorgeous.

    For looks and fun, yeah I think the gixxer is the go (get a steering damner).

    Kawasaki just do absolutely solid bikes these days as well.
    A mate of mine agonised for 6 months over which 600 to buy. He read every review he could track down and he wound up with a Kawi ZX6R.
  8. Ben,

    I've got an '02 R6 and it's been the best bike you could hope for. From that aspect i'd recommend the Yamaha BUT I rode the '06 R6 and HATED it. No better down low than my 70,000km old R6 and terrible in traffic. Head down, bum up. Seat's a million miles off the ground. 20 minutes on it and I knew it wasn't the bike for me. If you're primarily into track days or taking her through the spur, go for it. Otherwise you'll be dissappointed. If you're hell-bent on an R6 go to Yamaha City and ask for Frank. He was really helpful.

    Sorry but I can't offer up any more insight into the other 600's. I decided to focus on the litre class bikes after that experience. If you're looking at a 600(ish) i'd have a good hard look at the Daytona 675.
  9. i just put a deposit down on a 06 R6 and cant wait to get it.

    i love everything about it from looks to riding feel, the ehad down bum up is true but i test rode for about 25mins and it felt awesome, and this is coming from a bum down head up virago rider lol.

    but in the end its down to the rider, i know im going to love this bike, but thats not to mean it will be the bike for you.
  10. Congratulations on your new R6. :dance:
  11. Have a look at this fortnights edition of AMCN, they do a huge comparison between Kawasaki Zx-6R, Yamaha YZF-R6, Honda 600RR, Triumph Daytona 675 and Suzuki GSX-R600. :)
  12. what came out rating the best?
  13. To Quote AMCN ""So we'd take the Suzuki first, knowing that It's fantastic on the road as well as on the track. We'd get the best of both worlds, with the fewest compromises either way. You cant beat that".
  14. the GSX-R came out on top son...go suzuki mate..and if you ask me, go a 7-fiddy for the best overall bike!!!
  15. thanks for all your comments guys ,
    I am going to go out test riding on saturday, so i guess i will see what i end up with , i am likeing the look of the 06 r6 though. I just mainly want the bike for weekend riding and maybe the odd track day. i will yet you all know what i liked the best .
    Thanks for the input lads .