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06 VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by frickendevil, May 17, 2007.

  1. Went down to my local honda dealership not so long ago, and had a look at their VTR250's. They are all 06 models (none of them featuring the new colours), but still at the $7990 RRP ($9102.15 dealer delivery). How much do you think i could haggle them down considering they have excessive amounts (10) of old stock? Would they go down at all? Would they go down for me because i know the difference?

    Has anyone else had any experience trying to bargain their way down on last years model stuff?
  2. I just bought an new 06 VTR a couple of weeks ago. Managed to bargain them down to $7,900 ride-away including a free screen + Honda Rider's club membership + $30 off next service + a bike maintenance course.

    They only had this price on the red and blue ones though, apparently the black ones are the most popular and they would only do it for extra money but since I wasn't prepared to pay extra money just for the colour, our negotiations didn't go down this route.

    Also, since the 07 model is now out and due for delivery, you might be able to get an even better deal on the 06?
  3. Thanks, thats just the information I wanted. If i got it down to $7500 ride away, i would be fairly happy with that.
  4. unless they are actually stocking the new model most likely they won't come to the party in bargining, its like trying to squeeze blood from a stone, but somethings to point out when making your purchase is your not trading a bike on it, that if they are reasonable you will go back to them when it comes time to upgrade, and you hope to build a good relationship with the shop, by getting your bike serviced ,tyres blah blah blah

    all goes along way to getting a good price from a dealer
  5. They might however be wanting to get the new model in but can't justify because of old stock. I'm going in this arvo to see what i can bargain them down to.
  6. I would buy a really good second hand one and save thousands, because you would probably want to upgrade in a few years to a bigger capacity bike?
  7. To put it bluntly, where i live, things don't depreciate. A few weeks ago, a decent (not brilliant) 04 vtr250 was on sale for $6000. Also a ex demo cb250 (350kms), $5990.

    Also, I'm in no rush to go fast, this bike will probably have to last me 4 or 5 years, commuter for uni. If i can get a good deal new, I will probably go that route.
  8. I guess there is a smaller second hand market where you live. $7,900 ride-away is a lot better than over $9,000 and if you are going to keep it for a far while that makes more sense.