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06 Triumph Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by flashfire, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. After reading a good review of this bike in the AMCN, as well as finding the fact that it's a triple, fairly lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and hardly an upgrade cliche all very good things, I'm just seeking out totally bias, technically unfounded opinions on the bike, as I'm thinking about it for when I'm off these filthy nasty P plates....

    Tell me why I shouldn't get one. :)

  2. Now I am just a Beginner, and havn't even see none of these little babies in real life, but just seeing there name in a thread Subject is enough to make me Drool.

    I have one as my desktop wallpaper at the moment...
    They have passed the Duc 748 as my most droolworthy bike.
  3. 675 'tones = boner.
    They ship each bike with a box of kleenex.
  4. Seen a few in real life down at the Phillip Island track days.

    After sitting on them (but not riding) and after reading the ride reports, I can't think of a reason not to get one.
  5. Thanks so far guys. I presume Loz's post is derogatory? *confused*

    I'm on a vtwin 250 at the moment, and just can't quite commit to an inline 4 for some reason. Let's call it bias. I love torque, but I want to be able to whoop my bf's butt, so figured a triple would be the perfect compromise.
  6. Not at all
    I'll translate for you
    675 'tones = boner. [Trans]The Sounds made by the Triumph Daytona 675 is such that it gives a hot blooded man a degree of sexual arousment[/Trans]
    They ship each bike with a box of kleenex.[Trans]It is necisary to ship each Triumph Daytona with appropriat method for said gentleman to clean up is said arousment takes him beyond climax.[/Trans]
  7. I think it was actually quite a compliment :wink:

    This bikes definitely got my vote, though I havn't seen one in the flesh. There is an excellent web site/forum which will give you lots of info at www.triumph675.net

  8. Thanks Falcon Lord. I thought perhaps the implication is that the Daytona's are for wankers and therefore Kleenex are provided to clean up spills.

  9. Wicked. Thanks! :cool:
  10. Look can you guys please stop talking about these 675s? I'm not allowed to look at explicit content, and my work trousers are loose, but not THAT loose.
  11. flash, you may know it better as a 'sex wee' :LOL:

    btw, have you factored the seat height and possible issues into your thinking ;)
  12. Because the entire first years production has been pre-sold prior to delivery! :LOL:
  13. Really? Even if I ask really, really nicely?
  14. Well, it is true, but don't give up just yet. There's a fair chance that some have been bought directly by dealers to secure their orders. Or maybe some of the real punters won't be able to come up with the dosh.
    Even then, there's always the guys that just HAVE to have the latest thing, then sell them three months later...
  15. I tell you why you shouldn't get one.

    Truimph have been mercylessly teasing use for the past nine years 'launching' this bike to the public. I am beginning to think that they are a myth, just made up from smoke and mirrors.

    Something that drop dead gorgeous should not be held back from the public any longer.

    Mark for President.
  16. Now thats a nice looking bike..lm impressed!!..its almost swayed me from the R1...but not quite :p

    Whats the price tag on these anyway?
  17. Hey Undii - saw you registered on the 675 forum :) Interesting that we both like psy, both have Vtwin 250's and now want this bike! :) Yay for you for putting deposit down. I just spoke with a dealer up on my side of the border and he said that he doesn't even have any demo's on the floor - did you put down a deposit on a bike that you hadn't even sat on??? :) How much deposit was required to secure yours?

    Yeah. Graphite's what I wanted for sure. Sorry to hear about your off. :(
  18. (noticed that I managed to talk you into putting a tune on your VTR!! Remember that conversation?)
  19. Umm probably not, Trumpy Australia got less than half the 675's they ordered. I know they have sold all the first years allocation in the UK as well.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you can't get one for another 18 months...