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06 R1 limited edition VS R6 2007

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by YUBH8N4, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. 2006 R1 LE

  2. 2007 R6

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  3. They're both crap, none

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  1. hey guys im in the middle of buying one of these 2 bikes before i go to buy one of em, i would like to know all your opinions on the 2 bikes. 2006 R1 limited edition (yellow, black, and white) or 2007 R6

  2. Coming off a 250?
  3. ive been riding for awhile
  4. hate to see your insurance. prob cost same as the bike lol
  5. NANNA ALERT!!!!!!

    Does that mean you guys like the R6 or the R1? :roll:

    Me, I don't like the R1 so it would be the R6 for me. :wink:
  6. I demand a poll option for "They're both crap, none." :p
    Mod: Done :wink:
  7. +1
    Though the R1 has a slightly less cripplingly painful riding position than the 6 (I see no reason why my arse should have a clearer view of the road than my head).
  8. ahahha this forum sounds like nissansilvia . com full of non helping people that think they are soOooO cool ahahaha epic.. alright ill go ask others that have something usefull to tell me
  9. R1. Definitely the R1.
  10. Dude don't listen to most guys on here on their high horses, any 1000cc at our age is acceptable so long as you have good wrist control. Enjoy ya life while ya can. I think the R1 is a great bike a little too small looking for my liking but a great performer.

    Go for it.
  11. You've given us no context in terms of your purposes (and evaded the question about your riding experience), so you're basically asking for a coin toss. Neither bike is better than the other in an absolute sense, only for particular purposes and we don't know your purposes. I voted for the R1 because it would be better for what *I* want to do than the R6, but I have no idea whether that's relevant to you.

    A much smarter approach would have been to tell us what you want to do on the bike and ask what bikes are good for doing that.
  12. Of course, if your purpose is to pose, definitely go the R1 - it's a 1000 and it's limited edition, double bonus!
  13. The R1 is 73% more fullisick bro. Oh TheyBH8N4 a reason.
  14. Yawn
  15. I'm going with the R6, only because I hate the colour yellow.
  16. me and my brother share this account his 18 im 21, i use it for everyday to go work, to go out, and to cruise with my friend etc etc, and also to pose :cool: ahaha thanks for the advice anyways i already put deposit on the R1 ill post up pics once i pay for the bike in full next monday.
  17. Turbo Hayabusa.
  18. Personally I think that more often a 600 sports bike is a better upgrade option for 250 riders than a litre bike.

    If you like the R6 go for it... but you know... the best 600 on the market isn't actually a 600 at all... it's the GSXR750R :)
  19. ive actually owned a suzuki sv1000 before my 250r so yeah have had past experience riding a 1000. anyways ive made deposit on my r1. mods please close this thread.
  20. Yeah, whatever.

    Just get out there and ride it.