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06 gsxr 1000 gearbox question.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by ZXRpilot, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Hey guys. More of a general question, regarding a k5-k6 gsxr1000.

    I was in a minor incident, where I clipped the front rubber of my gear shifter on a car tyre. (no crash). I was in 1st gear travelling forward and it hit it head on.

    This bent my rear set back towards the swing arm, slightly bent my gear lever, and snapped the knuckle that joins the shift rod to the spline piece that goes into the gear box.

    Now I replaced the rear set and the knuckle, they had no gear levers at the time and mine is still slightly bent. But not too bad.

    So I have installed it all, all tightened up, tried every possible length/angle/ reverse shift combo with the rod and knuckle. But bike is stuck in first. I've tried rotating the wheel, riding the bike (stuck in 1st), clutch no clutch. etc.

    I put this down to either not getting enough positive force due a slightly bent gear shifter or something internal was bent. Shift fork?

    I've crashed my fair share of bikes, broken rear sets and gear levers and never had any gear box damage

    My question being could this have caused damage to the actual gear box? Has anyone had this in the past? Obviously I cannot be given a definite answer, but just after peoples past experiences.

    I'm waiting for a straight gear shifter, should arrive in the next few days. This is just playing on my mind however.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Also, just a quick crappy video. Just to eliminate the shifter. I'm using my hand. I'm aware it will not apply a lot of force. But I think it should be enough to pop it into neutral. Shits driving me paranoid.

  3. To update my own thread. Talking to people in the know. In that video the clutch is cable tied in and I'm rotating the wheel with my foot.

    They assume I bent the selector fork. AKA motor out and split cases. New question, who to go to in Melbourne who will do it in a reasonable time and reasonable price? Can drop the motor.
  4. Before you drop the motor, pull out the clutch & have a look at the inside end of gearshift shaft. It may have damaged the selector barrel mechanism. If you need to get in to the selector forks, the lower case gives access to the gearbox without disturbing the crank. Where in Melb are you?
  5. I'm in Elsternwick. As you said above, I'm getting it checked for this. Hopefully that is it.

    If not I will take the motor out to save on labour costs and shop around :/
  6. If you need the box done, I know a really good guy in Monbulk that's excellent.