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06" GPX250 tingy sound comming from the engine

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Jimmyhotdog, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    I went for a quick spin Yesterday and I noticed a tin sound comming from the engine on the upper RPM!
    I've only done 8000Km on it and the last service was at 6000Km
    Would anyone have any Idea what it could be?

  2. A tingy sound coming from the engine is a bit of a general complaint... want to narrow it down slightly?

    Where in the engine does it sound like its coming from? (Top end, bottom end?)
    What does the noise sound like? (someone tapping a kitchen fork on a tile?)
    Does it do it when the bike is in neutral and at a standstill at high rpm?

    My general inclination is to say that it's a GPX and be done with it... but if your really concerned about it, might be worth talking to the garage that does your servicing.
  3. Id suggest just check your oil first... Gippies get horrendously noisy when down on a bit of oil, they only hold 1.9L (it burns a wee bit like a rotary when above 10k RPM)...

    Otherwise they do make noise, the camshafts hitting the lifters can sound a bit worrying but its all normal stuff...
  4. Hard to say exactly were the noise is comming form, but it sounds more like top end!
    I keep the bike in good nik!
    Always keep the oil on the top marker oil always lubed winter I use oil and summer synthetic lube.
    Due to the bike being still under warrentee I don't do more than the basics! I have a full ninja 250 service manual and would prefer to do it all my self.
    But I would void the above and that has deterred me!
    I'll have another listen on the way home! see if I can pin it down.
  5. Ha! Good luck. The manual is about as helpful as a tin of beans. With the exception of telling you what oil to use. But then, I'm NOT mechanically minded.

    I can say this for them, though: DON'T use 10w40 oil. Mine was chewing through it at stupid rates.
  6. If the frequency of the sound increases when the RPMs go up then I would be inclined to say it could be a valve clearance issue.
  7. Hey sonja I downloaded the full manual, I not talking about the one you get from the Dealer. I know its crappy!
    I don't chew too much oil in 6000 Km about 150ml.
    I don't do too much HWY or Freeway driving I tend to avoid it due to the crappy end gear ratio!

    Hey Haggismaen I am tending to think along the same lines but didn't want to say because it means back to the shop sooner than scheduled!
  8. Yeah, the full Service Manual. I didn't get my baby new, so no manual. I had to get the full Kawasaki Service Manual for the bike.
  9. Unless you check them yourself (and adjust if needed), but since the bike is still under warranty I could understand your hesitation.

    However could the issue of valve clearances be covered under warranty? I would like to think so since they're definitely not meant to be out of whack when the bike has only done 8000kms.
  10. Saying valve clearances should be done under warranty is like saying that washing your bike also comes under warranty! It's a service issue, like normal wear and tear of a motorbike. Not knowing the GPX service intervals in detail, but generally a bike has it's run in period with factory fitted valve shims, then at it's first or second service (usually after ~5000km's) it had it's clearances done again. After that it's every 15,000-20,000 km's for clearances; although personally i prefer to do them every 12,000 which is every third service for me.
  11. if it sounds like a ball bearing playing inside, that is normal with the gpx revving near and above 9k rpm. otherwise it could be something else.
  12. If it is valve clearances, it's quite normal on a new engine to have things wear in and clearances go up.
    I don't know what type of valve adjustment setup your bike uses, but my Z used to make a ting sound on valves with a bit too much clearance. However, I couldn't hear it at higher revs due to exhaust noise. It could also be the chain adjuster either needs adjustment if a manual tensioner, or if an automatic type, is in between adjustment clicks.
    You can make a poor man;s stethescope with a 60cm or so length of 10mm pvc tube from the hardware store. Hold tube to ear, and move the otehr end around CLOSE to where you think the sound is coming from. This method is good enough to pick an individual valve that's a bit loose under a valve cover.
    If it's only a very light sound, I'd ignore it til next service.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. My GPX had the same "tingy' noise. I noticed that it happened when I topped up the synthetic oil that was in the engine with a mineral based oil. I completely drained the oil and used Castro magnatec, 1.9L of it. I don't here that noise again. It used to happen when the engine was cold.

    When doing an oil change, make sure you are draining the oil completely around 1.9L. Specially you said you switch from mineral based to synthetic depending on the season.
  14. If you think it's making noises now wait till it's done 70K like my old girl had before I sold it. Good bike though never had a problem in the 12mths I had it.
  15. Castrol Magnatec... as in the cheap and nasty stuff that's just plain old mineral oil but loaded with friction modifiers?! I don't think i could imagine many oils worse for a wet-clutch motorbike aside from crude oil!
  16. I was going to say the same thing. Little red flag popped up when I saw 'Magnatec', suprising that some clutch slippage problems didn't develop...
  17. Hi Bonjoji,
    Have you had issues with bearings with your bike?
    It is a bit early for bearing issues but there could always be a faulty one!
    If this is the case I should be cautious! If one fails due to manufacturing fault it is highly likely to cause a lockup!
    This is something that I would like to avoid!
    I've had this happen on other bikes I've used. I copped It on an old Yamaha IT 500 enduro 2 stroke banger. The rubber carby manafoild had cracked and leaned out the mixture and ceased the engine due to over heating. I couldn't tell due to lack of gauges!
    I had a nedle bearing on a go-cart con-rod fail on me and it locked up! had to rebuild the motor! $$$

    But I'll keep a close eye on it and pop down to the dealer this weakend for a second opinion!