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'06 cbr600rr losing charge

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jlyon9, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. So a few weeks ago a couple of mates helped me install a scorpio alarm i got off ebay.

    There was a bare wire that we had attached to the positive on the battery terminal that was supposed to goto the alarm. it was cut as we were in the process of soldering on some more wire so it would reach. it was knocked against the frame and gave a spark. when we went to start the bike it was dead.

    after an hour on the quick charger the bike started fine and i rode off. after about a week it started losing charge. first with weak starts and then not starting at all. since then i have fully removed any and all wiring that was a part of the alarm and it has been disconnected for weeks.

    i have taken it to pro honda where they did a load test on the battery and also tested the regulator rectifier. charged me $110 to tell me they couldnt find the problem. they charged the battery too and i was able to ride off and have been riding it for the last couple of days. i could sense the starts getting weaker and weaker and today it had to be push started again

    does anyone have any ideas?!
    alternatively...does anyone know of an auto electrician/bike electrician in brisbane who i can take it to? i have to commute on the bike and need it fixed asap

    many thanks in advance
  2. its simple really. Either somethings is draining the battery, or something is not charging it properly.

    If you got a new battery, i'd be looking at replacing the rectifier. Even if its been "tested". I'd also be putting a multimeter on the batt while the bikes off to see how much voltage is available. You should tell straight away if somethings drawing power.
  3. Check the fuse box.

    Sounds silly, but you don't mention checking fuses, but have checked everything else.

    If the fuse on the return line is blown, the battery can't be charged by the stator. So you fill the battery up with a charger, and it runs fine until it goes flat again. Depending on how far you are riding, it may only last a day or two.

    Depending where along the circuit they tested the rectifier, it may not show a blown fuse. Battery load tests are generally done directly on the battery terminals, so this wouldn't show a blown fuse either.

    Good luck.
  4. thanks both for the quck replies

    forgot to mention i took it to battery world yesterday and the guy did an electronic load test first and said it was very healthy. but when he did a physical load test (some tester he said had a massive resistor) you could see the current immediately drop and when i tried to start the bike it had to be jumped.
    i was supposed to take the battery in for testing today but didnt get a chance

    VTRAffair: i did check all the fuses in the box after the spark cause we thought that was why it wasnt starting, not that the battery needed to be charged. is it possible the fuse for the stator is in a separate location? that would be a bit silly i know...
  5. Actually it is possible. I have a main fuse box with 6 fuses in it, and then 1 big inline fuse further along. Its just a black box no bigger than a matchbox with a cable in and a cable out, with a small black cover. You could try there.

    If the physical load test was dropping rapidly straight away, give the battery a knock.

    Take it out, hold it a few inches above your workbench, and then bang it on the desk. do it a few times, gently, just enough to give it a bit of a knock. Some batteries can form stalactite type growths between the plates, shorting them out and draining power, has happened to me once before. Someone advised giving the battery a few thumps to break em up, and it worked a treat. Try that and see if it helps.
  6. thanks for the tip mate

    took the battery to battery world today theyre going to do a proper test over the next day and keep an eye on voltage levels before i fork out $150 for a new one

    they said itll only be about $5 for the test...shouldve gone there before pro honda!!

    ill also give it good (gentle) knock as well...if that works itll be GOLD :)