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06 CBR1000RR fuel type?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Nucleotide, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Howdy all,

    I've been trying both normal 91 unleaded and BP Ultimate 98 and there doesn't seem to be any difference between the two. The bike seems to runs great on both.

    Would I be better off sticking to the BP Ultimate or other higher octane fuel (Caltex Vortex 98 for example) or will 91 do the job fine?

    I don't mind spending the $$ on the higher octane fuel if it means it's better for the bike in the long run. I will buy whichever is better suited to the bike.

    Your thoughts?

  2. I would not run 91 RON fuel in your hypersports bike, no way siree. It is possible that the bike can sense which grade of fuel you are running in it and adjusts the mapping accordingly, and lets face it, with 170 or so horses at the rear you probably aren't going to notice if you lose 20 of them unless you do a track day with timing gear.

    Lower octane fuels are more prone to preignite in your combustion chamber, due primarily to the very high compression ratios that modern sports bikes use. For this reason I would only recommend running the fuel grade stated in your owners manual - for modern sports bikes this is generally 98 octane, although some may tolerate 95 (check before using). I would certainly not run 91.

    Long term effects include burnt out valves, damaged combustion chambers, warped heads and holed pistons due to preignition of the fuel and subsequent overheating.

    Bikes get pretty darn good fuel economy anyway so I don't mind topping up for 10 or 15c per litre more.

    Cheers - boingk
  3. I would have said 95 or better...... the gumby wouldn't get any less...

    but bugger me....page 97 of the 2004 CBr100rr owners manual......

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  4. Thanks for the responses. I might check the owners manual when I get home - it is probably much the same as above anyway but I didn't think of checking that to begin with.

    Sounds like a premium fuel is the way to go though. I might just stick with BP Ultimate - it's only a few extra cents anyway.

  5. My vote, use 95.
  6. Just a side note, premium fuels have one more advantage over the 91 which is that they keep the internals of the engine cleaner.
  7. I have an 07 CBR1000RR and 99% sure the manual says to run 95 octane or better. I always use 98 anyway.
  8. Agree with the above. Minimum 95 (ie, if I'm reaching 'Bingo Fuel' with limited refuelling stations/options) though will always opt for 98. Your bike will thank you for it in the long run.
  9. mike8863 - careful of the nationality of user manuals. Americans, being Americans, have a different octane rating system to the one that most other nations use. We use the RON rating system, which generally means a 91 of whatever the hell they use will correspond to a 95 RON octane fuel.

    Short story? Use 95 octane or higher.

    Cheers - boingk
  10. Nucleotide's post immediately after mine leads me to believe he is on the correct path to finding the information he needs from the most appropriate source.....his bikes' owners manual....
  11. Go the bike manual. It used to be law that there had to be a sticker near the filler cap, but that's been dropped. Oh & +1 for 95RON or better. Don't use E10 or other Ethanol blend either.
  12. Interesting....in the process of gathering info so as to make semi-informed ramblings here, I learned that Shell's superfuel "whatever its called this week" 100 octane....is nothing more than their 98 octane offering with a bit of (5%) ethanol added...

    Thievin' dutch pricks.....:furious:
  13. I've run Caltex 95 (Ampol/Mobil as well) as a minimum in my last two bikes and cars, with zero issues. Occasionally 98, but the 95 has been fine and isn't so much more than the 91, which from some places is utterly crap quality fuel.

    On the later bike with higher specific power output (Street Triple) it was often 98. The manual said it can run on 91, but it felt noticably better on 95 or 98, although 95 was probably plenty good enough.

    What the Yanks call 91 is their premium, with lower grades than that.
  14. My service dude says 91 for the GS500..but the manual says 95,no alcohol.
  15. Different measurement
  16. Haha, I'm not surprised it's an ethanol shandi.

    On the topic of ethanol, it's a very efficient octane booster - which means that we can compress the fuel mixture harder before it self detonates. The higher it can be compressed, the more efficiently it will burn and the more of it's available energy we can get out of it. The thing with E10 blends is that even though it has a 95RON octane rating, it actually has less energy than a proper premium 95RON so you can expect slightly poorer fuel economy.

    I should add to my earlier statement - don't use ethanol blend UNLESS your bike manual says it's ok. Most manuals are silent on the issue which means that it's NOT ok to use E10 in the long run. (The bike does NOT have ethanol compatible materials in it's fuel system.)
  17. There's also growing evidence ethanol blends produce more harmful emissions than either straight petrol or pure ethanol (the result of mixing two different organic liquids under high temperatures and pressures).
    Just another fine example of politicians making knee-jerk decisions without waiting for proper research (like all those lovely mercury-filled lightbulbs they forced on us).
  18. Definately a minimum of 95 to prevent detonation. Even then I would personally only use 98 (as i do with my fz1).
  19. My '07 Kawa tank has two warnings saying to only use 98RON fuel.

    Edit: Insert 95 where 98 is stated.

    But it does say 95+ Octane, and then in another language RON 95+.
  20. I was restating that very point made earlier, given that it could easily be presumed from the posted manual page that the 91 here would be OK.