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06 600's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mc250, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. just came back from a ride on the 06 r6, gsxr600 and kawasaki 636

    suzuki- great bike, very nice sound, and accomodates taller riders now with the adjustable footpegs.
    nice dash, excellent display, gear indicator is still a nice feature to have.
    nice bike to ride, very smooth, slick 'box. cant really fault the suzuki in anyway, but it just wasnt me.
    position was nice, the seat was firm, not sure about long rides though. wouldnt complain unless you were old, or suffered from athritis.
    top-end, more than enough for sydneys roads. nice styling, love the matte black colour. would be my second choice.
    found myself hitting my knees a few times on the fairings, but overall, ranked 2nd for myself

    kawasaki- fiddly small, hard to read dash. buttons were too flimsy. lap timer is a nice feature.
    tall riding position. fiddly mirrors which dont look right. exllcent response in all gears, really throws you back. great bike, but the bars were too low and straight for my liking. bike had an aftermarket pipe on it which sounded fantastic!
    the tank is really well suited to tucking in.
    also looks great in the black, but the underseat exhaust throws me. looks silly.
    also, to me, the finish isnt what i expected, looks to be cheap.. even more so than the suzuki, which up until recently havent had that good fit and finish

    yamaha- what can i say? fantastic pretty much sums it up.
    great sound, excellent riding position. great, smooth power delivery, and very slick shifting box.
    perfect position for myself, although the seat seems a little big, as did the kawasaki. too long, and you tend to slide back a little on hard acceleration.
    no famcy bits, just a clear and easy to read dash, even though it may lie at a little. looks great in black. definately my number one choice.
    handles like nothing ive ridden before. impressed me more than the 06 R1. same riding position, but more fun!

    definately the pick of the bunch

    also ridden the 06 cbr600rr.. great bike, although a little boring for my liking.. nice position, and feels great.. just a little too docile. and its basically a 3yr old bike.
    love the fuel gauge, even though it probably isnt very accurate.

    honda cbr60044-4

    hope this helps

  2. Sounds like you now know what to buy... R6 looks great with that minimalist ducktail.... now if only bike designers would re-discover curves and get away from all these ugly sharp angles.... and H-U-G-E headlights....
  3. Waht is wrong with a chisled bike, Look at the Daytona 600 and 650 the angles look great.
  4. Nah, it looks like they made the clay model of the bike, but forgot to smooth it out before handing it to production. Or like the bike was designed on a computer that turned all curves into polygons to save memory.

    Curves are always prominent in classic designs.
  5. r6 has been progressing consistently from being a decent track bike and a good road bike towards becoming better as a track bike at the expense of practicality. My previous bike was an 05 r6 and it was just tolerable as a road bike, the new one I wouldn't even consider unless I was shopping for a dedicated track bike.
  6. Have to agree there.
    The daytona 675 looks schmick!
  7. another one..

    hey mc take the triumph 675 for a ride ..... considering you've ridden all the other main 600's id be interested to know your feedback on it. :twisted:
  8. Yeah maybe it is the Retro Computer geek in me showing

    The 675 is diferent again. it looks sexy if not a little anorexic. but yeah looks like a buz to throw around
  9. I'm thinking that's what I'll be getting when I'm off my restrictions. an '04 daytona 600
    I'll have a collection of triumphs at home!
    2500S, a Dolomite, and a Daytona.
  10. Re: another one..

    i havent considered the triumph.

    i've read reviews, sounds great. but evryone has their own opinion, or is payed to have a certain one :)
  11. ive ridden an 03 and 04 r6 and i find this one to be just as rewarding, and doesnt give me the feeling that it would be suited for track use only.
    each to their own i guess :grin:
  12. I had always considered the 06 R6 to be less practical for non track use, only from reports not from personal experience, i have an 05 R6 and wondered if stepping up to an R1 was the way to go or stay with a 600 and get the 06 model. I am happy with the performance of the 600 but it just seems that everyone wants to step up to a 1000cc machine after a 600.

    I am glad to read that some people think the R6 is still a usable machine off the track.
  13. i think people are put off the r6 from what other riders say without experiencing one for themselves

    i use mine for everything.

    very happy with it

    i wouldnt trade the r6 for any current litre bike, unless it were an mv agusta
  14. Hehe, just about all sportsbikes are designed primarily to have the edge over the competition at a racetrack. Honda is probably the only manufacturer who aims their bikes a little more at road use, and even then it's negligable.

    I think we're pretty lucky that we can actually go and buy these types of bikes and use them on public roads, God knows it's not where they belong, and the current 1000cc bikes will do 150+kmh without leaving first gear!

    I hope no-one thinks our +150hp -180kg +250kmh bikes with slipper clutches and radial brakes were designed for the street? :LOL:

    If I was in the market for another road bike, it wouldnt be a sportsbike. I'd probably go for a motard, or something that doesn't tempt me to go warp speed with every twist of the wrist

  15. great review mate....it helped me out heaps