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05" ZX6 vs ZX10 for around the mountains

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Glennb, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Im just doing some home work on what to buy for my next bike. I know that for the earlier model bikes the 600cc bikes eat the 900cc and 1000cc bikes for breakfast around the mountains (so Ive read) but is this still the case with the 04" 05" models??
    Comparing the power and weight with the newer bikes the 04" 05" ZX10 should eat the 6.
    With the 05" ZX10 you get
    and is only 170kg

    With the 05" ZX6 you get
    and is 164kg
    So with the zx10 being only 6 kg heavier and getting more power and torque eirlier , the 10s should be on top, Yeh??
    I know that riding abilities come into effect but can some one tell me if this sound right or not and why?

  2. Through the tight sections, peak power is about the last thing that has any bearing on "quickness".

    Top 5 factors are
    1. Rider ability
    2. Rider ability
    3. Rider ability
    4. Rider ability
    5. Rider ability

    A top rider will pretty much be quicker on any bike than a average rider on a quick bike!
    eg. at Phillip Island the 250's only lap slower than the MotoGP bikes because of the main straight and slower top end.
  3. Rubbish Ashes. It's got nothing to do with rider ability.

    It's all about the colour of your bike.

    You see Red is by far the slowest of all the colours. This riders will check himself out in shop windows thinking:

    "Man I look sooo good on a red bike"

    This is then followed by lime green. These riders never even ride there bike because they are thinking:

    "Man that is an awful colour. It even looks s%^t at midnight underground"

    By far the fastest colour is Silver. :wink:

    By far the fastest colour
  4. Yep, definitely silver. Damn, maybe I need silver leathers.....
  5. You'd sure as hell be able to use more of the throttle on the 6 without rocketing off the cliff. Even the 6 is a ball-tearer. With the 10 you'd need to start using the throttle in almost telepathically small increments.

    I hear the 10 comes with a free and highly necessary pair of brown underpants.
  6. You have just made Enzo turn in his grave. :eek: :eek:
  7. You can't. That would be too fast. You would effect the space-time continuim or some other similar SF bulls%^t.

    Plus you would look a little gay? :roll:
  8. "Not that there's anything wrong with that!" :LOL:
  9. Spectre dons funky ass silver leathers.
    Mounts funky ass Silver Truimph.
    Calls up some funky ass disco music on his iPod.
    And dissappers into the distance like the funky ass Millenium Falcon.
  10. mmm, Silver Dream Racer, wasn't that the movie???
  11. Hi Glenn,

    Yes you're right, traditionally a 600 would leave a 1000 in anything but a straight-line BUT things have moved on a bit since then. Now days the litre bikes are not only more powerful than a 600 but weigh about the same and handle about the same.

    The only real issue with a litre bike in the twisties is that they have so much power that you're more likely to high-side the bugger whereas a 600 pilot can just 'twist and go' which can make the 600 rider faster.

    Oh and a 1000 will be more likely to mono as well which is never the fastest way to get around a corner :idea:
  12. Zactly. Although, the 10R would be great fun on a very long, straight road with no coppers. I do like the idea of having 300kmh within reach. But yeah, if you wanna work the twisty bits I'd go the 6.

    Hell, at 120-odd horses it's still 3 times the power of most 250s... Those things really move.
  13. For the mountains? Tight/ twisty stuff?
    I'd got the 6 !!
    .....any Supermotard 600-something SINGLE to be exact.
    Any of those will be at least as quick, most likely a good deal quicker than any of the 4-pots....given riders of equal ability, that is.
    To sweeten the deal, they're also way less work to hustle around bends, finishing up with a continuous all-cheek grin.
    Take one out for a spin...
  14. The question is, given that you will be cornering at approximately the same velocity on either the 6 or the 10, how much of the bikes power do you want to be using? Do you want to be wringing its neck with high revs or do you want to be holding back until it's safe to unleash it?
    Yeah, it can be fun to have huge stomp available to you whenever you want, but it can also be bloody frustrating always holding it back!
  15. Novacoder said:
    True, but don't tell me it wouldn't be fun.

    Maybe get the 10 and paint it silver???? :wink:
  16. Cheers guys some good points their.
    I just here of people saying they get used to the 600cc and wish they went strait to the 1000cc, and for only a couple a grand more you can get 400cc more.
    decisions decisions...
    Cheers guys
  17. Bugger that, go the thou, unless you really like the look/feel/colours/etc/etc of the 600. On the road it all comes down to rider ability. I havent had a 600 beat me thru reefton/black spurs yet. Had a good go with one ('04 CBR600rr), but was fairly even. And my bike is around 6 years older than the 600! And on the other hand I couldnt stick with Mitch (sir skuffy) on the merrimbula ride. The only time it make up ground is in a straight line. And he rides a big, fat, heavy GSX1400. As I said, on the road it all comes down to rider ability.
  18. So what was the problem with that little 400 you were having a couple of months back out the back of Dayelsford?
  19. Problem? I had you covered :) I lost my riding mojo that day and you still couldnt get away from me :p Nah, you certainly made life difficult, but I was having an off day (I swear!!) :LOL:
  20. The majority of people who say they are bored of the 600s are talkin crap mate,they just arent using the bike to its potential and are sick of gettin whooped in straight line races.Corners are where its at and 600s generally rule the roost of corners.The new line of 1000s are closing the gap in corner speeds with 600s but it takes a steady hand to guide all the power of the new thous.If you are jumping off a 250 i'd suggest going with a 600 and learning to ride it fast before trying to tame a 160hp 1000 my friend. 8)

    Cowboy: As for your line of never being beat by a 600 thru Reefton,you mustnt get up there much,cos a few of the locals there (Eric,John,Mick etc) on their 600s would eat you alive and spit you out fella. :wink: