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05+ Triumph Sprint ST

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Adonis, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    This is my first posting and I thought I would get everyone's opinion on the Triumph Sprint ST. At the moment I am riding a VTR250 and looking to make the big step up into the world of 'real bikes' as my mates keep telling me. I have test ridden a couple of Ducs (ST3 and ST4) but so far I am leaning towards the Sprint. I guess I should give some details of what I am looking for in a bike:

    - I commute so must be able to take traffic and be comfortable
    - enjoy the twisties so must handle
    - Tour a little so must be able to go long distances

    I when on a test ride on the sprint and thought it was great. My only complaint was that it feld really hot near my right leg near the exhaust. Is this normal of big bikes? Is the Triumph the best choice?


  2. I put a deposit on one last year, but then cancelled. It seemed like a great bike but the heat issue had really put me off. There were reports of passenger grab handles heating to the point of being too hot to touch on some bikes. I read they improved insulation on the newer ones and there is supposed to be some factory kit for late 05 models. I think sprints have always had reputation for putting out a lot of heat though. btw www.triumphrat.net is a great source of information on triumphs.
  3. Thanks vvp. I have looked at the site and it has loads of great info. It looks like the 06 is better in terms of heat. I am waiting to have another ride on the 06 to see if the heat issue has been resolved. What did you end up getting?
  4. I'd have got a new triple, but wasn’t prepared to wait. I was told by the dealer that the wait would be around 4-5 months. Ridiculous. So I just got an R6 for now. Still looking at 05-06 sprint as a possibility though. There are also rumours of a new tiger for next year. The new parallel twin beemer looks interesting. Basically I will just wait until the year end, test ride the whole lot again and then decide.
  6. I've seen the spy shots. Apparently, they are trying to make it into more of a supermoto vs an adventure type bike it used to be. Seems like a risky move to me considering that the old tiger has such a devoted fan base.
  7. There was some talk they would market three separate versions - supermoto, tourer and dirt bike!
  8. They must have done really well out of their 05 lineup, a couple of years ago they would not have had the cash to offer more than one version. Would be great though, especially if there were conversion kits available.
    When I was looking at 05 sprints a lot of reviewers were bitching about paint and the general standard of finish. I checked the demo bike carefully before taking it for a ride and didn’t see what the fuss was about. Never actually owned one though.
  9. This review is on the old Sprint. The new one definately has enough power!!
  10. More power but still geared too high, drop front sprocket, much better.