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05 SV650 turns over but won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by xtskinz, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Having some issues with my SV (fuel injected) - initially it started one morning and the LCD speedo went nuts (numbers going up and down - did this for about 5 seconds then stalled)

    Keyed it off/on again and nothing. Had to go to work so came back that night and turned the key again, all lights go etc, no warning lights and bike cranks over fine but not firing at all.

    Have checked the battery terminals - all nice and tight.

    Checked and removed both plugs and they're both generating spark. Checked airbox -all looks fine. Checked fuses and they all look fine. Bike has been running fine about 5 days ago (so hasn't been sitting long) Can smell gas so have assumed that it's getting through...

    Any ideas? I've read it could be related to the kick stand switch or clutch safety switch but it seems to me that if they're faulty the bike wouldn't crank at all? Please correct me if I'm wrong as I'm just assuming here.

    Any ideas would be great. I don't have access to a garage or off-street area so what I can try is limited (also limited skills!). If I don't have any joy tomorrow, I'll get the shop to collect and test for me....


  2. Depends on how your bike is wired up. Being a suzuki presumably it's the same as mine and it shouldn't crank over at all if one of the switches is being tripped.
    You say you have limited skills and you don't have access to a garage. Best bet would be get the shop to look at it, they might even let you watch if you hang around.
  3. when you turn the key can you hear the fuel being pumped in? a slight buzzing kind of sound for a few seconds? mine is a tad tempremenatal to start at times it wants a 1/4 turn to start other times half. the numbers up an down is the normal 'self check' isnt it?
    if the engine cranks when you hit the start button connections at battery would be ok otherwise you'd get zip.. tried using choke at all?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I was guessing the same about the not cranking over if one of the switches was tripped.

    Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious/easy. I don't mind having a go at things but doing it on the street is not ideal.
  5. Thanks for the reply.... yep, it does the buzzing sound as per a normal switch on. Just no firing when it cranks.

    Correct re the numbers going up and down as part of the "self-check" - however mine were doing nuts after the bike had actually started (that was the last time it actually fired)

  6. You know what it kind of sounds like you might've been having some electrical interference which escalated into a loose connection somewhere. You might've had a small animal eat through some wires. If you really want to do this yourself then I'd be pulling the fairings, seat and tank off and tracing the whole wiring harness.
  7. Righto, what has been said regarding the clutch and side-stand switch is correct. If there is an issue there, no cranking at all.

    How did you check for spark at the plugs? If you've done that properly and have spark, rule the ignition circuit out.

    You say you can smell fuel, if you have a sniff of the exhaust after cranking do you smell fuel vapour? If you are 100% that fuel is getting through, then you have a problem.

    The normal checks are for fuel & spark if a vehicle isn't firing. If there is both, it isn't necessarily so straightforward now.

    Go back over all connections, including the ones to the instrument cluster.
    Re-check each fuse.
    Put the battery on charge for a bit (if you can).
    Give it another shot, be sure not to apply any throttle when you are cranking the motor & only crank for a few seconds at a time.
  8. Thanks for the input and ideas guys. Due to circumstances (lack of a garage and waaay to much work) I have handed the bike over to the shop to check out.

    I will post back on the outcome!
  9. I know you've given it to the shop now but I had the dash go nuts on my GSX650F a few weeks back. Regulator had fried & was draining the battery. Had some very weird dash displays going on. Keep in mind there has been a worldwide recall on regulators for 08/09 Suzuki's but theres no reason it couldn't still happen on the earlier model.

  10. For what it's worth and maybe it will help someone else, it was a disconnected earth wire...
  11. So it's all sorted then? - good to hear.
  12. Im having the same problem now it was running fine up till I changed the voltage regulator and no my gas tank makes weird jurrasic park noiseswhen I turn the key on and when I go to start the bike everything goes blank and it almost sounds like my battery is bad but it cant be that because nothing would turn on if it was dead
  13. Not necessarily. Cranking takes a lot more current than running the rest of the bike. When you draw lots of current the battery voltage may collapse and so everything else shuts down including the engine management.

    Your battery may have been cooked if you had a faulty regulator.