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05 r1 surging

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rex11, May 13, 2006.

  1. any body had trouble withe there bike 05 r1 surging at 4 grand

  2. what (if any) mods have you done to your bike? How many k's?

    By surging, do you mean it lurches forward or hunts?
  3. 05 r1

    the bike hunts at anything above 3k .

    somtimes it stalls at the lights after about 1 hour of ridding.

    when this happens i turn it off and on and its good for a few more hours

    then it happens all over again. it has pittman yamaha stuffed they dont

    know whats going on it could be the tps they recon
  4. Re: 05 r1

    Sensors are easy to fault. Do you have a multimetre ?
    Here is my TP sensor saga from last year--


  5. Hi, have a look at the link below. This web site is the most informative one I ve found for anyone with an R1. Your problem has been mentioned quite a few times,Pat
  6. Like Paddyboy said look at the R1-Forum... it sounds like the Throttle Position Sensor issue (TPS). It's a sticky in the General Bike Discussion area. Also, there's another on cut-out regarding the wiring loom behind the headlights, where the wiring is cut through by a fairing bracket
  7. You'd have to be pissed to have a new bike with such drastic problems. I'd be buying a Honda!
  8. re tps

    lifted the tank the other day and squeezed all the conections i could find together and guess what ???
    its not doing it any more no rough idle but still has a surging problem

    wont be riding for a while dam near cut my finger off, with all the bandages on i cant fit it in a glove its to cold with out them lol