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05 R1 service help

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by outactrl, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. firstly, OMG what a bike, i love this little thing!
    ok, so i have been have a small power issue.
    I first noticed it sitting on 111kms, cruising, a slight power drop-off, so i put the power on a bit and no worries.
    a month later, felt it again, funnily enough i had done 111kms since the last refuel. (legs 11 curse)
    this was months ago, never worried much about it, thought it was maybe a little bit of bad fuel, anyway, its back, and starting to annoy the crap out of me. (not a fuel issue as it happens no matter who i fill up with and i always use 98oct)
    took it in for a service, told the Mechanic about it, he couldnt find it, or fix it, still had the isue, he said bring it back when its playing up (as it started happening at lower speeds. I did, and he still couldn't figure out what it was, funny thing is when its playing up, turn the bike off for 2 minutes and its fine (no, shes not overheating).
    anyway, i just need to book it into somewhere that knows there shit, someone i can drop the bike off to , explain in full details whats happening, and get her fixed.

    a shop thats anywhere from the city (Melbourne) out to lilydale area.

    Can someone recommend a place?

  2. Sounds electrical to me.

    Translation: I have NFI.
  3. thanks Loz,
    and after just reading your post on your tyre change, i know where not to take her.
  4. Take it to my mate Steleven.
    He's at Eleven cycles.
    Number 11,
    11th Avenue.
    Elevensville. 1111

    hehe,,,nah try Mick Hone, although they no longer have the yammy dealership they know what their looking for.
  5. in some EFI cars when the throttle is held at a certain % over "x" amout of time (cruising) the ecu starts to lean out the fuel mixture to save fuel, not sure about bike EFI but could it be anything like that?
  6. Stafford Motorcycles in Heidelberg? They also no longer have the Yammy dealership but are very good.
  7. Sounds like a throttle position sensor problem.
    There is a safety recall for a few models with TPS issues, not sure if it's the 05 model though.
  8. Solved

    Took her to Mick Hone, just from talking to the guy that was going to work on the bike, (Luke i think it was) he picked it even before he looked at the bike.
    Faulty TPS - Throttle Position Sensor.

    had to take her back to Yamaha and get it changed over there, they did it for free, took a while to get the part, but it was free so not to much bother.

    It cost me a few hundred sending it to a few diff shops, them trying to figure out what it was, "Bad spark plugs" one bloke said, this is just after he was the bloke that put new plugs in 100km beforehand with his service.

    thanks or your help guys.